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We are customer support professionals with years of training experience and a vast knowledge base gained from thousands of customer interactions. Many of us are business owners and Jackrabbit users ourselves. We just love what we do! 
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  Email Support
By selecting the 'Support' button from within the application, it’s easy to let us know that you have a question. Often, many questions can be answered by referring to our User Guides and Videos. If you need more assistance, we will respond with a detailed explanation within two hours during our normal business hours of 8am-8pm EST (and within 2-4 hours during the busiest summer months).
Because we believe so strongly that seeing the answer is the best way to understand it and is often the quickest way to implement it, our support staff use the following tools to provide the best explanation possible:
  • Screenshots and Screen Casts (videos taken within YOUR database). These provide visual explanations, highlighted details, arrows pointing to important information and other aids to provide you with answers tailored to your specific database.
If we cannot answer the question thoroughly in an email, we will schedule a time to call.
  Scheduled Outbound Phone Support–Jumpstart Call or Utilization Review
If you are new to Jackrabbit and would like to confirm your setup, procedures or go through a list of questions, schedule a Jumpstart call. 

If you have been using Jackrabbit for some time and want to discuss what you may be missing, schedule a Utilization Review (select link below). A member of our support team will contact you at the assigned time (EST) and do a screen share of your computer to go through your questions. Appointments allow us to research and prepare for a thorough and valuable session!
Please choose a date on our calendar that works for you.
  Manager’s Guarantee
Your satisfaction is our #1 priority. We guarantee a 2 to 4 hour response time (within Support Hours 8am-8pm ET Mon-Fri) on all Email Support Requests. If you have not received this level of support, please contact our Support Manager. We will take immediate action to ensure your satisfaction is guaranteed!