Connect with TutuTix from Recital Page

TutuTix offers Jackrabbit clients a special promotion to try their online recital ticketing software. When you’re on your Recital Listing page in Jackrabbit, you’ll notice a new button on the left underneath the Jackrabbit logo: “TutuTix Online Recital Ticketing.” This button takes you directly to a TutuTix webpage that tells you how to get started […]

6 Questions That Will Help You Make Your Recital Amazing

We know your recital is planned. Your theme was chosen and your venue booked long ago. Sizes were taken and costumes ordered long before the drop-dead deadlines. Music is chosen, dances choreographed, and classes know them flat. Recital fees have long-been explained, charged, and many have been collected. You think you’ve done everything. And you […]

Why is a Mobile App Worth the Investment in Time and Money?

Rising costs of operations, new customer acquisition and customer relationships management costs more and more every year. You constantly must make adjustments, cuts, and eliminations of budgetary line items just to keep your bottom line healthy. Why in the world, then, would you even consider creating a mobile app? Doesn’t that type of expenditure simply […]

Why Jackrabbit is the #1 Software for Dance Studios

Jackrabbit offers everything studios need to operate and grow. Here are just some of the reasons why more than 4500 customers love using the all-in-one, online software solution. We give you help when you need it. Your work hours aren’t 9 to 5, Monday through Friday so your need for help doesn’t always happen then […]