Innovation is our calling. You are our inspiration. Jackrabbit’s expert developers are continuously transforming ideas into enhancements, automatically updated at no extra charge.


Jackrabbit is always improving and adding new features and enhancements. Review the latest enhancements below and click at the bottom to see more enhancements.

106/13/17Aged Accounts Details: Added Show Fees with a Future Date optionAged Accounts Details has a new checkbox filter named Show Fees with a Future Date. Unchecking this option will hide fees which aren't due yet, making it easier to see fees which are due today or past due. We also changed the existing filter named Apply Family by Location Grouping to a simpler name of Show Family Balance and Totals. View Aged Accounts Details New Option
206/06/17Skills/Levels: Moved Auto Set Start Date SettingThe Skills/Levels setting for Auto Set Student Start Date was moved from Staff Portal Settings to the Students>Skills/Levels page View New Place for Skills/Levels Auto Set Start Date Setting
306/06/17Class Lists: Added Makeups & Adjusted OpeningsAdjusted Openings and Makeup columns were added to class list grids to give you more information for making enrollment decisions, in these places: transfer class, student enroll, class search and global class search. Also, the column for Master Class was renamed to Per Day in the transfer class search. View Transfer Class List Example
405/30/17Preferred Costume Module Name: Added UniformYou can now choose to change your database's costume module name to Uniform. To do this, go to Tools>Edit Settings and scroll down to the Costume/Apparel Module Settings section. View Preferred Costume Module Name
505/23/17Enrollment Detail Report: Added Email OptionYou can now email directly from the Enrollment Detail report. Simply check the families to include and click the Email button at the top left of the page.
604/25/17Reports: Added Email OptionYou can now email directly from more places! These reports have a new Email column for each family and an Email button at the top of the page. Simply check the families to include, click the Email button and then type/send the email.
*Drop History
*Enroll History
*Students Search
*Who's Scheduled to be Here
*Search Waitlist
View Email Option Example
704/11/17Weekly Calendar: Added Date Sensitive Enrollment CountsThe Weekly View Calendar, along with daily view and room view, are improved to show accurate enrollment counts on every day. There's also a new option for Show Full Classes. When this is unchecked, all full classes are hidden to help find open classes for new enrollment.

To see the Weekly View Calendar, click on the Weekly View button under the Executive Dashboard page title. or go to Classes>Daily/Weekly Schedule. View Weekly View Example
804/04/17Class Skills/Levels Report: Added Display Settings & Improved SpacingThe Class Skills/Levels Report has new Display Settings for: Include Makeups, Include Skills Without a Date Started and Show Location. The report was changed to remove excess white space, in order to save paper when it's printed. View New Display Settings, View Report Example
903/28/17Advanced Searches Renamed & Student Search Page UpdateAll Advanced Searches have been renamed "Search" View Menu Example
Student Advanced Search has been updated to make it easier to read by adding more space between fields, removing colons, etc. View Student Search Example
1003/21/17Skills/Levels Search: Multiple EnhancementsSeveral enhancements were made to the Skills/Levels Search:
*Added the following search criteria:
-Has No Date Attained checkbox
-Date Skill/Level Tested date range, with option for And Has No Date Attained
-Option for And Has Not Date Attained to both the Date Skill/Level Due and Date Skill/Level Started
*Added Date Tested to the search results
*Improved the page layout to make it easier to read and use
View Skills/Levels Search
1103/21/17Approve/Unapprove Time Email: Added Send Additional Emails ToApprove/Unapprove Time's email icon, has a new option for Send Additional Emails To. This is also available from the Staff Time Card tab, when clicking the email icon. View Approve/Unapprove Time Email
1203/09/17TutuTix offers Jackrabbit clients special promotion to try softwareTutuTix provides full support for reserved seating or general admission, unlimited discount and access codes, and free printed tickets, all at no cost to the studio. To see more information, Click Here.

The Recitals Listing also has a button to take you to the TutuTix promo website. Recitals Listing Button, TutuTix Website Example
1303/09/17Process Credit Cards/Bank Accounts Page UpdateProcess Credit Cards/Bank Accounts has been updated to make it easier to read by adding more space between fields, moving page notes into tool tips and removing colons. Also, the summary preview and the detail preview pages were combined into one page to eliminate a step. View New Combined Preview
1403/07/17Aged Fees Report: Changed Name & Added LinksSeveral changes were made to the Aged Fees report:
*Aged Fees renamed to Aged Accounts Details (Aged Fees)
*Aged Accounts renamed to Aged Accounts Summary
*The amounts shown in the days oustanding columns are now links
*The links open up a list of the outstanding fees
View New Report Names, View Aged Accounts Summary Links
1503/07/17Process Credit Cards/Bank Accts: Added Search CriteriaProcess Credit Cards/Bank Accounts has new search criteria to give you more control when searching for outstanding fees. View New Search Criteria
1603/07/17Drop History Report: Added FamilyDrop History Report has a new column for Family. View Drop History Family Column
1703/07/17Receipts: Fee Receipt UpdateThe fee receipt was updated to the look the same as a non-ecommerce payment receipt. Also, if your database's "Show Itemized Receipts" setting is set to yes, the receipt will show all linked transactions, including refunds. View Fee Receipt Example
1803/07/17User Permissions: Added Staff Skills TabAdded a user permission to control access to the Staff Skills tab.
1902/28/17Web Reg Settings: Added Confirmation Redirect URLWeb Registration Settings has a new option for Confirmation Redirect URL. This allows you to enter a URL which redirects the parent to your website after completing the web registration form. When entered, the parent will no longer see the Jackrabbit confirmation page. This allows you to add and track more Google Analytics on your website. View Web Reg Redirect to Website Option
2002/28/17Web Reg Form & Confirmation: Follow Date FormatsWeb Registration Form and the email confirmations will now follow the date format setting for dd/mm/yy
2102/28/17Store Item Tax Report: Added Date Paid From/ThroughStore Item Tax Report now has search criteria for Date Paid with From and Through dates. View Item Tax Date Paid
2202/28/17Statements Email & Print: Updated Account Summary for RefundsStatements' Account Summary section has been updated to give more information, including refunds. View Statement with Refund Example
2302/28/17Drop Student: Added Completed Class CheckboxDrop Student now has a Completed Class checkbox. This makes it faster to mark when a student completed the class before the class end date. View Drop Student
2402/27/17Emails: Upload Music FilesUpload music files can now be uploaded into emails in these formats: mp3, aac and wav.
2502/17/17Calendar Class Details Hover: New FormatThe calendar's class details hover has a new look which makes it easier to read and understand. The change was made on all class calendar views: weekly, daily and room. View Calendar's Class Detail Hover
2602/16/17Aged Accts Reports: Added Email OptionYou can now email directly from the Aged Accounts Report! The report has a new Email column for each family and an Email button at the top of the page. Simply check which families to include, click the Email button and then type/send the email. View Aged Accts Report Email Option
2702/14/17Email/Text Families: Added Waitlist Only OptionEmail/Text Families Enrollment Status list has a new option for Waitlist Only. This enables you to send only to the waitlist families, without also sending to currently enrolled/previously enrolled families. View Waitlist Only Enrollment Option
2801/31/17Quick Registration: Misc ChangesQuick Registration had miscellaneous changes made:
*Changed Source and Home Phone to be optional fields
*Added ePmt Schedule, Special Needs, Immunization Notes and Skill Notes
*Changed the field labels to use the same labels as the web registration form. These are set up under the Tools menu>Online Web Registration>Field Options/Labels
2901/31/17Dashboard's Enrollment Cat1 Chart: Added Cat1 NameThe Dashboard's Enrollment Category 1 Chart now shows the category1 name next to each piece of the pie chart. View Enrollment Cat1 Pie Chart
3001/24/17Add Credit Card / Edit Credit Card: Default Zip Code to Billing Contact Zip CodeThe 'Add Credit Card' and 'Edit Credit Card' modals have been updated to default the Zip Code to the Billing Contact Zip Code . We also moved the Zip Code to be near other required information. View example
3101/24/17Email Enrollment Confirmations: Added an option to hide 'First Class' datesYou can now control if the 'First Class' date appears on email confirmations that are sent when a student is enrolled in the class. This setting has been defaulted to show the 'First Class' date. You can hide the 'First Class' date in Tools > Online Web Reg > Settings, and Tools > Customer Portal Settings > Settings. View new settings
3201/24/17Search Wait List: Added a 'Future Drop' columnWe added the column 'Future Drops' when searching Wait Lists to allow you to determine which classes might have availability soon. View Search Wait List
3301/24/17NEW Class Skills / Levels ReportThis report shows skills progress by class. You have the option to display All Skills, Skills Attained , and Skills Not Attained
View Class menu
View Example
3401/24/17Student Summary Page UpdateStudent Summary has been updated to make it easier to read by adding more space between fields, moving page notes into tool tips and removing colons. The 'Active' field was renamed to 'Status' and moved higher on the page. View Student Summary
3501/24/17Favorites added to several placesFavorites were added to these areas:
  • Students : Skills/Levels Search
  • Reports: Student Info Sheets
  • Tools: Costume Management - Costume Listing
  • Tools: Costume Management - Student Costume Listing
Favorites allow you to save your favorite search criteria to use again in the future.
3601/16/17Favorites added to several placesFavorites were added to these areas:
  • Families : Lead File > Search Leads
  • Classes: Edit All Classes, Class Schedule, Sign In/Out Sheets, Search Wait Lists
  • Events: Event Sign In/Out Sheet
  • Reports: Family ePayment Listing, Payment Method Summary, Telephone Listing, Transaction Summary Report
Favorites allow you to save your favorite search criteria to use again in the future.
3701/16/17NEW Process Credit Cards/Bank Accounts - Ignore pre-paymentsYou are now able to ignore pre-payments (such as costume deposits) when processing credit cards for specific transactions. Details:
  • New option collect the full amount of unpaid fees and ignore pre-payments/ credits on account View example
  • New User Permission 'Process Credit Cards - Ignore Pre-Payments'. Any user with 'Process Credit Cards' permission was defaulted to have the new permission. View User Permission
  • Accounts where the where the credit card payment is greater than the Balance are highlighted yellow.
  • View an example
3801/10/17NEW Scheduled Date & Time EmailsThe Email Preview page now lets you schedule an email to be sent later! Details:
*Emails which have the Email Preview page: Email Families, Email Class, Email Event Enrollment, Email Staff
*Email Preview has new buttons for Send Now and Send Later View Preview
*After the Send Later date and time is saved, you'll see confirmation in the Preview View Send Later Confirmation
*Dashboard has a new Scheduled Emails alert View Dashboard Alert
*New User Permission for Emails - Scheduled. Any user with the Email/Text Families permission was defaulted to have the new scheduled permission. View User Permission
*New Scheduled Emails report, with icons to let you edit the email content, preview the list of recipients, change the scheduled date/time and delete the email. View Scheduled Emails Report
*Scheduled Emails report is found in the Reports menu from either Find Report or All Reports, within the Email/Text/Marketing category Where is the Report found?
3901/10/17NEW Canadian Children's Tax Credit ReceiptClients located in Canada have a new Children's Tax Credit Receipt! This receipt shows the art or fitness credit amount for parent's tax returns. Details:
*Receipt is found in the Reports menu, in either All Reports or Find Report, located specifically in the Families/Students or Transactions/Financial categories. Where is the Receipt Found?
*Receipt is controlled by the Email Statements user permission. Any user without the Email Statements user permission will not be able to see the receipt until the permission is checked.
*Receipt search criteria lets you pick the credit type (art or fitness) . It also lets you pick what is displayed as the eligible program name, either Category1 or Class.
View Receipt Search Criteria
*Preview lists the recipients and allows the receipt to be emailed or printed. View Receipt Preview
*Clients located in other countries do not have this receipt.
4001/10/17Email/Text Staff: Added Class SessionEmail/Text Staff now has Class Session as search criteria to make it easier to find the staff you're trying to email. View Email/Text Staff's Class Session
4101/04/17NEW Tuition Billing MethodWhat is Tuition Billing Method? Tuition Billing Method was added so you can tell Jackrabbit how you post tuition fees, either By Class Tuition Fees (using Post Tuition Fees) or By Total Hours (using Post Tuition Fees by Total Hours) or both.
Where was Tuition Billing Method Added?
*User Permission 'Post Tuition Fees' was updated to include the ability to edit the Tuition Billing Method. View User Permission
*Edit Settings has a new Tuition Settings page. Tuition Settings page has the Tuition Billing Method setting to select how you post tuition fees. All databases are set to have both By Class Tuition Fees and By Total Hours checked. If you only use one, un-check the one you don't use. View New Tuition Settings
*Class Summary tab has a new Tuition Billing Method setting. Every class is set to blank until you change it. This class setting is useful if you use both By Class Tuition Fee and By Total Hours to calculate tuition because each class can be set appropriately.View Class Tuition Billing Method
*Edit All Classes, including an option to Clear Value
*List All/Active Classes
*Class Advanced Search, including a drop-down option for No Value
*Weekly View>Create New Class
What does this mean for your Jackrabbit database?
*If you don't change anything in the Tuition Settings page or set the Tuition Billing Method in any class , the only difference you'll notice in Jackrabbit are the new Tuiton Billing Method fields in the places listed above.
*If you set a class's Tuition Billing Method to either By Class Tuition Fee or By Total Hours, tuition for that class will only be posted when the matching tuition calculation is performed (Post Tuition Fees or Post Tuition Fees by Total Hours)
*If you set the Edit Settings>Tuition Setting to only one billing method ( either By Class Tuition Fee or By Total Hours), all classes in the database will be updated with a matching Tuition Billing Method.
Click this link for more information in the Help Center New Tuition Billing Method
4201/04/17NEW Email Non-Credit Card/Bank Account ReceiptsYou now have the ability to email receipts for all payment methods! When entering a single payment, click on the Receipt checkbox and save the payment. You'll then see a new window to either Print or Email the receipt. View Receipt Example.
We've also added the receipt settings on the Tools>Credit Card/Bank Account page to a new section in Edit Settings. This enables you to see and edit the receipt settings in both places. View Edit Settings' Receipt Section
4301/04/17Skill Email ChangesNew email settings were added for skills, including: logo, class location, header and footer. To set these, go to the Staff Portal menu>Settings. The format of the email sent to parents was updated to add the selected information and make it easier to read when multiple skills are updated on the same day. View New Skill Email Settings, View Updated Email Example
4401/04/17New Look for the Help Icon Pop-upThe help ? icon has a new look! Help ?'s are seen throughout Jackrabbit to provide helpful information right where you need it. View Help Example
4501/04/17Quick Reg Location Change for Multi-LOC DatabasesIf your database has multiple locations, the Quick Registration form will now default the Location to blank and you'll need to select the correct location. Prior to today, it was defaulting to the first alphabetical location which could cause reporting problems if it wasn't selected appropriately.
4612/16/16User's Permission List: Added Search Filters to GridSearch filters were added to several columns of the user's permission list. This makes it a lot easier to find what you're looking for. View User Permission
4712/15/16Post Late/Misc Fees: Added Post Fee Per OptionPost Late/Misc Fees has a new Post Fee Per option called Student That Meets Criteria. This makes it possible to post a fee only to the student who matches the search criteria without posting the fee to all active sudents in the same family. View Post Late/Misc Fees New Option
4812/15/16Transaction Listing: Improved TotalsThe totals at the end of the Transaction Listing are improved to give more detailed information for debits, credits and net total. This will make it easier to compare this report to other financial reports. View Trans Listing Totals
4912/13/16Recitals: New Check In/Out SheetNew recital report added called Recital Check In/Out Sheet. This sheet lists the recital students with a checkbox for Check In and Check Out, to help keep track of students arriving and leaving a recital.
View Recital Check In/Out Search Criteria
View Recital Check In/Out Sheet
5012/13/16Families Advanced Search: Added More DatesFamilies Advanced Search has new search criteria for: Date Created, Date Imported and Last Updated.