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Starting at $45/mo

Features included:

  • Unlimited Time Clock
  • Online Registration
  • Unlimited Lead File
  • eCommerce
  • Support and Training
  • QuickBooks Interface
  • Unlimited Locations
  • Point-of-Sale


0-100 Students

2 Concurrent Users


101-250 Students

3 Concurrent Users


251-500 Students

4 Concurrent Users


501-1,000 Students

6 Concurrent Users


1,001-3,000 Students

7 Concurrent Users

For studios with more than 3,000 students, please call (704) 895-4034 for an estimate.


Frequently Asked Questions


  Monthly Fee - How it Works
Monthly fee is based on total student count - Active & Inactive (Active = enrolled in at least 1 class; Inactive = not enrolled in any classes). No contracts. No start up fees. No hidden costs. Free export of your data to take with you...if you ever cancel.

  What are Concurrent Users?
The number of concurrent (simultaneous) users included in the monthly fee is based on the TOTAL number (active + inactive) of students in your database. if you require additional concurrent users, please contact billing. Each additional concurrent user is an extra $15 per month. .

  How Can I Keep My Fees Low?
You are not charged based on the number of leads in your system. The Unlimited Lead File is an area within your Jackrabbit system where you can keep basic contact information for parents and students without increasing your Jackrabbit subscription fee.  Learn more about the Unlimited Lead File.

  How Do I Collect Payments with Jackrabbit?
Once you have set up a gateway and merchant account with one of our eCommerce solutions, and the eCommerce gateway is connected to your database, you can conduct electronic payment transactions online safely and securely. Learn more about eCommerce.

Learn more about eCommerce

  Contact one of Jackrabbit's eCommerce solutions for more information.