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Jackrabbit’s leading online ballet dance studio management and accounts receivable software helps you work smarter and have more time to grow your business.

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Jackrabbit Dance ballet studio software is the top software for managing classes, families and enrollment. Our dance studio software lets you to easily manage your business and focus on what really matters: your students. Jackrabbit Dance provides the power you need to manage classes and online registration. Plus, it helps automate the billing process. Try it with a free trial.

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At Jackrabbit, we focus on you, the customer. That means that our main goal is helping you run your ballet studio business. We have developed features to get your data organized, easily create reports on your business, schedule classes and events and more.

  • Online Registration: Providing easy online registration to students and families is one of the biggest wins with using ballet dance studio management software. Why? Parents sign up for classes anytime, anywhere. No matter what your office hours are, online registration is open 24/7. Don’t lose customers by not offering online registration.
  • Costume and Recital Management: Just managing sizes for each of your dancers can feel like a full-time job. The Jackrabbit Dance costume module saves all sizing data, which decreases the chance for error. It also works with costume vendors, accelerating ordering to save you time. Manage recitals in Jackrabbit Dance to ensure each class has a performance, dancers have time to change and instructors know when their class needs to perform.
  • Reporting: Managing numbers may not be the most glamorous job in a dance studio, but it’s very important. Jackrabbit Dance delivers reports that let you pull data from your files to look at your inventory, enrollment, revenue and more. With the click of a button, the data is at your fingertips.

Why Jackrabbit?

No matter how large or small your studio, Jackrabbit Dance can improve your dance business. Studios worldwide use this dance studio software to manage their students, revenue, classes and staff. Try it for 30 days for free – you’ll be glad you did.

2 Key Customer Service Characteristics of Dance Studio Management Software

While each dance studio certainly has a flair all of its own, the basic needs of dance studios across the country are essentially the same, especially when it comes to dance studio software. As you evaluate various dance studio management software options, it’s important to find one that will justify the expense it represents. In particular, you need software designed specifically with dance studios in mind.

In order to ensure that whatever software you’re considering will actually be worth its price tag, there are important factors to consider when it comes to saving you and your staff time, being helpful and user-friendly for parents, and helping your dance studio increase your bottom line. These two aspects of any good dance studio software program relate to customer service.

Online Registration and Payments

This one single factor is honestly worth its weight in revenue. Online registration, along with online payment options, is a huge asset for both your staff and your dance studio families. It’s a value add for busy parents, who can now enroll children in various classes from their phones, tablets, or computers. But it’s a huge benefit for your staff as well, who no longer have to be on site to process registrations or collect funds. They’ll also save time by not having to update class schedules manually or communicate schedules to parents after registration. Schedule changes are also easy with instant updates for both instructors and parents to see. Your studio budget will enjoy the change as well, without the need to pay staff extra hours to work registration.

Communication with Parents

In addition to online registration, your dance studio management software should be able to accommodate and track communication with parents. The Jackrabbit Dance parent portal allows your dance studio to offer customer service around the clock. From processing recurring payments to providing updated schedule information including those relating to upcoming recitals and competitions, parents will be able to access all kinds of information, day or night. You can prompt the system to send out automatic reminders about late payments or schedule changes, too, without having to enlist staff members to do so.

Any high-quality dance studio management software will also allow you to offer parents the potential of a mobile app, sending out mass e-mails to any selected individuals or groups, and receiving important announcements via text messaging.

As an added benefit to having contact information stored in your dance studio software system, you’ll appreciate the possibility of tracking communications, allowing you to look back and see all contacts relating to a specific student, all in one place.

These customer service benefits of a great dance studio software management program are just the beginning! There are excellent benefits to your organization and staff, as well.