A Day In The Life: Graham Bingham

Ever wonder who is working behind the computer for Jackrabbit? We promise, we’re real! This series will introduce folks at Jackrabbit and share a little more about our team than you may see on our website.

Hometown – Vancouver BC, Canada
Current city – Vancouver BC, Canada
Started at Jackrabbit – September 2013
Job title – Software Support Representative

What do you feel most proud of? Winning the “2004 Business Plan of the Year” award from Small Business British Columbia.  The business plan I wrote was for a new concept retail/service store that I went on to open and operate for nearly a decade.

What is your favorite music? My favorite music ranges from Pop Rock to Adult Contemporary and even a little Country.  A good power ballad is a guilty pleasure.

Best compliment you have received? Being awarded “Business Citizen of the Year” by a local business association and peer group.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why? I would go to Australia. I have always had a strong urge to travel there, and to be frank, my primary reason would be to hold a Koala.  They are most certainly my spirit animal.

If you could only keep 5 possessions, what would they be? I can’t live without my smartphone, books, a good pair of shoes, and a good pillow. That said, I tend to place more value on experiences than possessions.

Why did you choose this profession? – I love to problem solve, and help people.  This job gives me the best of the both!

What are you most afraid of? Spiders.

What’s your strongest personal quality? Kind-Hearted.

A little more about Graham…

Graham Bingham is a native of Vancouver, British Columbia where he started his career working at the World’s Fair, Expo 86 as a server in a Mexican Restaurant which today is still his favorite food.

After Expo, Graham transitioned into the telecommunications industry where he spend 12 years working as a System Designer, Customer Support and Trainer. Most recently, Graham owned and operated an upscale men’s barbershop and retail boutique where he spent ten years putting to rest the idea that shaving had to be painful!

Graham enjoys the living West Coast lifestyle, taking long walks on the Seawall, exploring the urban jungle and especially seeking out new and exciting food venues.

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