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Compete for Students By Building A Reputable Studio

The community surrounding Temecula Dance Company (TDC) does not fall short of options when families are looking for dance studios.  Along with many other sports and activities, there are many choices for families.  While many studios engage in competitive advertising, TDC believes certain company qualities set them apart from others and their character spreads much farther than any advertising would.

“Parents are seeking very specific traits in the places that their children take classes: quality of instruction, a safe place for learning, and an activity that makes their children happy. You can’t convey that entire message to parents in an advertisement.”

A Personal Connection

When you ask the students what their favorite thing about TDC is, you’re likely to hear “my teacher” as the answer. This isn’t accidental, but is built into the way TDC’s instructors teach.  The passion they have for sharing dance with their students and the investment they’ve made in learning what each student wants and needs from their class are a few reasons why personal connections are made.BLOG__TemeculaDance

“Learning is built on trust between the student and the instructor. Our studio and staff spend a lot of time developing relationships so that we provide the best learning experience we can for each dancer that enters through our doors.” 

Quality Experiences Inspire Referrals 

TDC works hard to create and maintain a complete environment that parents are seeking. It’s an environment that is fertile for the development of both their children’s dance skills and happiness. When families are immersed in this type of quality, they share their experiences with friends, family and neighbors in the community. Word-of-mouth has been one of TDC’s best “marketing strategies” throughout their 24-year history.

“We’ve offered complete learning experiences that have thrilled parents and students for years. Children who are passionate about dance – and those who may not be – find joy and fullfillment in our classes. Parents are happy to share experiences they’re excited about.” 

Customer Satisfaction Establishes Enviable Reputation

TDC is a well-established option for dance education in the community. With a reputation that others are likely to envy, the studio attracts many who want to dance at TDC because their parents, siblings or friends currently dance or have danced there before them.

“We’re proud that over the last 24 years, we’ve established and maintained a reputation as one of the BEST studios not only in our community, but in the nation.” 

Visibility Make A Difference 

All three of TDC’s studios are located on main city streets, making them very visible to the community as they drive by. In fact, when new families register with their company, one of the most popular answers in “how did you hear about us?” is “drove by studio.”

“Location isn’t everything, but being very visible has definitely helped brand our name into the memories of those in the community. Whether it’s now or in the future, many families come to us because they know we have a location that is conveniently located near their home or along their path of travel.

Scheduling For Success

TDC understands that families only have a certain amount of hours they can devote to extra-curricular activities; therefore they focus on providing schedules that offer convenient options for parents.

“We try to provide schedules with many options, so parents don’t have to choose one extra-curricular activity over another, but rather a schedule that allows them to do both. Offering multiple options helps parents who are struggling to schedule around multiple activities to get their children into the classes they prefer.” 

TDC customizes this further by learning about the families in each of its community locations. They’ve realized that weekend classes may work better for one location while weeknights work best in others.

“By spending the time to develop a schedule that offers multiple options, styles, days and times for classes, we can provide our customers with the flexibility to choose a schedule that works for them. This thorough, well versed schedule, (matched with a quality experience) helps us to maintain a high level of parent satisfaction which in return allows us to serve loyal families for years.”

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