NEW ePayment Option – Flat-Rate, No Monthly Fees

Have you heard about the new ePayment option? Both our partners (SafeSave and C&H Financial) are offering flat-rate, no monthly fee plans. This means that you will pay either 2.89% + $0.30 or 2.59% + $0.30 per transaction. That’s it! There are no statement fees, no gateway fees, no other fees.

Note: SafeSave has implemented new rates. They now have a separate AMEX rate of 3.39% and have added ACH rates:image

Who is this ideal for?
Businesses who are looking for a PayPal-like option will love this. It charges just by how much you process, not a set fee every month. If you are a seasonal business, this is perfect for you!

This is typically for businesses processing under $300k annually. If you are processing over $300k, you will likely save money by using a more traditional plan that is based on volume.


How to get more information
SafeSave’s program is called EasyRate. C&H Financial’s program is called Simple Plan.

For SafeSave, when you click the enrollment link on our ePayment page, you are immediately entered into the EasyRate enrollment plan. You will be up and running within 24 business hours. If you want to get more information, you can call or email SafeSave directly.

For C&H, you just need to call or email and let them know they are interested in the Simple Plan.

*Switching accounts requires updating all customer credit cards. Contact our ePayment Partners for more information.

Why should I process credit cards and bank drafts?
We wrote a blog on this after talking to one of our customers. Hear it from an owner’s perspective here.

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