12 Traits the Elite Dancer Exhibits

Elite dancers rise above others with the quality of their skills and gracefulness on the floor. There are also some traits that establish dancers as elite by exhibiting their manners and consideration for their fellow students and their instructors. These elite dancers have “class.” They are well on the road to embodying lifelong character building […]

12 Good Habits for Your Dancers to Develop

Becoming a dancer means something special. Dancing isn’t a sport, but more of an art form that commands the respect and commitment of those who embody it. Dancers, in turn, earn a unique respect and admiration for their ability to exhibit the grace and skill that it takes to dance. There are good habits that […]

20 Etiquette Basics for Young Dancers

My lifelong relationship with dance helped me to develop a constant interest in the industry – especially in teaching children to dance. From a young age, I took dance, helped to teach classes of younger children as I grew up, studied with some amazing people and now have the privilege of working with technology that […]

Impact of a Smile

Turn that frown upside down – really. There is a song that was sung by the late, great Louis Armstrong entitled “When You’re Smiling the Whole World Smiles with You.” Apparently, the sentiment expressed in this classic is true. A study conducted at the Yale School of Management in 1999 showed that, among working groups, […]

The Power of Authenticity In Your Studio

In the world of Instagram, Snapchat filters, and PhotoShop, authenticity can be hard to come by. Students have access to billions of videos, images, and articles 24/7.  Self-esteem can really be impacted from this wealth of resources. Studies are constantly showing how the media can damage our youngsters. For parents, knowing their child is at an […]