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Let Jackrabbit Dance software make managing your studio easier

Running a dance studio is a huge undertaking. We understand what it takes. That’s why more than 5,000 customers around the world trust Jackrabbit for software to help them manage their businesses. Our 40+ dedicated team members make the studio management experience as easy as possible. We’re ready to guide users every step of the way.

The Jackrabbit Dance platform delivers online registration management, billing and payment processing, costume and recital management, QuickBooks interface and point-of-sale power.

Rest easy thanks to our secure platform. Our servers reside in the same datacenter as some of the world’s largest banks. That’s because security is a top priority for the Jackrabbit team. It’s all so you can do what you love without security concerns about your dance studio software.

Go green by reducing paper waste as you use Jackrabbit Dance’s online platform. With anytime, anywhere access, Jackrabbit is convenient. Plus, it’s reliable and affordable. We help small and large dance studios worldwide. So whether you have 2,500 students or 25 students, Jackrabbit software can fit your needs.

Explore our software

Explore our software
Learn why 5,000 business owners worldwide trust Jackrabbit.

Seamless communication

You have the option to turn to the Jackrabbit Dance mobile app for seamless communication with parents. The app provides parents with an easy way to manage their child’s class status and receive push notifications.

Dance studio instructors can take attendance and send updates to parents using text. Parents want to be connected to their children’s progress, and the Jackrabbit Dance app keeps parents happy.

Getting started with Jackrabbit Dance studio management software is fast and easy. Our support team can help you through email, phone assistance and live chat. We can guide software setup, and video tutorials offer expert training on how to use Jackrabbit Dance.

Give Jackrabbit Dance a try today. Our 30-day free trial makes it easy. Our Getting Started Guide can help you sign up in just a few quick and easy steps. No credit card is required to get started. We’re confident that you’ll love Jackrabbit Dance.

Favorite Features from Jackrabbit Dance Users, Part 1

If you’ve been on the fence about adopting Jackrabbit Dance, maybe you’re wondering what all the buzz is about. Does it really have the power to impact your dance studio? A longtime user of Jackrabbit Dance, Mollie Baron of Dance Innovations Dance Center met with a Jackrabbit staff member to explain some of her favorite features in Jackrabbit Dance and how it has helped her studio. It starts with a growth mindset — a mindset she realizes that her organization shares with Jackrabbit: “Neither of us are stuck in our ways,” Mollie explains. “We’re both always improving and always working to be more efficient.” If your dance studio is similarly dedicated to improvement and increased efficiency, we think you’ll also appreciate these aspects of Jackrabbit Dance which are highly valued by the team at Dance Innovations.

What’s To Love About the Staff Portal?

The Dance Innovations team ranked the Staff Portal as the most significant Jackrabbit feature, when it comes to streamlining their operational processes. Thanks to the Staff Portal, they’ve been able to transition to becoming paperless as well as much more efficiently organized. Here’s what Mollie says about how the Staff Portal has helped her and her staff, particularly during a period of exciting growth: “We’ve been using it full-on for about a year now and it has saved us tons of time. When we added our third studio, the staff portal saved us from time-consuming data entry.”

What’s To Love About Reports?

Reports might sound dry and dusty to some, but Mollie and her team realize how incredibly helpful they can be! Reports offer many different options to help dance studio staff members find information they’re looking for. With so many options, though, scrolling through the entire list can be a bit cumbersome. However, since you have the ability to mark “Favorite” reports, you can separate your go-to reports, making them easily accessible for the next time you want to run them.

What’s To Love About Online Registration?

Like the Staff Portal, Online Registration has helped DIDC move from manual methods toward much more efficient, automated ones. Mollie appreciates the fact that Jackrabbit’s Online Registration feature allows registrations to be completed in a way that’s much more accurate — as well as complete, easy, and fast. At first, her impression was that offering Online Registration would primarily benefit parents; however, she has been surprised at how much it has helped her staff. As she puts it, “It’s a win for everyone.”

Those are the top 3 Jackrabbit Dance Features that Mollie mentioned, but she has 3 more that she listed as well. To find out more about how the Parent Portal, Recital Module, and Idea Portal can benefit your dance studio, check out our next post below.

Learn more about our Dance Studio Management Software. View the powerful features of Jackrabbit Dance and try a customized live demo.

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Favorite Features from Jackrabbit Dance Users, Part 2

Here at Jackrabbit Dance, we can spend a lot of time telling you about how we can help your dance studio operate more smoothly — but we’d rather let our clients tell you! Mollie Baron of Dance Innovations Dance Center told us about her organization’s favorite features and how they’re helping her dance studio grow. Seeing constant improvement and increased efficiency as core values that her organization shares with Jackrabbit, she started by explaining what she would consider Jackrabbit’s top 3 features: Staff Portal, Reports, and Online Registration. But those aren’t the only features she credits with helping transform the operations of Dance Innovations to a paperless, well-organized operation. Check out this additional trio of features she finds helpful in Jackrabbit Dance.

What’s To Love About the Parent Portal?

As we mentioned in Part 1 above, Mollie and her staff realized from the start that offering Online Registration would be a benefit to her dance studio parents. The Parent Portal has also been well-received by parents, and she credits it with the growth her studio has experienced over the years that they have utilized Jackrabbit Dance. This customer-facing tool has a fresh look that she realizes greatly improves the usability of the features that are part of Jackrabbit Dance. Not only does this benefit parents, but it also helps alleviate the workload on staff members, who no longer need to be contacted whenever parents have questions about their accounts.

What’s To Love About the Recital Module?

Your dance studio recital is, understandably, the crowning achievement of your year! Jackrabbit Dance has a Recital Module that’s designed to help you keep recital details organized. Mollie at Dance Innovations appreciates how it allows her to maintain control of all recital-related events. She has also appreciated the customizable sign-in sheets that can be tailored to be used for either specific performances or the recital as a whole.

What’s To Love About the Idea Portal?

A unique and fairly new feature, Jackrabbit’s Idea Portal is available to each of the 6,000+ members of the Jackrabbit Family, putting the power of future features into the hands of Jackrabbit Dance users just like you. Mollie appreciates being able to see the ideas that other Jackrabbit users have for enhancements and having a vote in which ones are prioritized for development. Notes is the first feature to be birthed from Jackrabbit’s Idea Portal and holds much potential value for Dance Studios.

To sum it up, Dance Innovations loves how Jackrabbit serves her organization. After years of partnering with Jackrabbit Dance, she can truly say, “Jackrabbit is always there for us. Their support of our organization and attention to our needs is awesome – always.”

Learn more about our Dance Studio Management Software. View the powerful features of Jackrabbit Dance and try a customized live demo.

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Added Value from Jackrabbit Dance Studio Management Software

When you utilize comprehensive management software designed with the needs of dance studios in view, you’ll be able to spend more time on the kinds of creative and community-oriented tasks that only you can do. The software will take care of management tasks that you’d rather avoid having to do, anyway. You may not even realize how many administrative tasks can be automated, but when you do, we’re pretty sure you won’t be wistfully thinking that you’d miss doing them if you didn’t have to bother.

Automated Administrative Tasks

Jackrabbit Dance software frees you up by automating many administrative functions, and if we had to choose our favorite one, we’d mention the registration aspect. Imagine this: the entire registration process is automated. Parents sign up their own kids and pay via the parent portal. All contact and scheduling data is updated in real time, allowing management and staff to easily access it whenever they need.

Family contact information is always updated across all portals. And no one needs to pester parents about payments or manually update files: instead, automated monthly payments will easily be processed without any staff intervention. For families who opt out of automated payments, the system can be set up to send out reminder e-mails as well as follow-up ones regarding any late payments — and automatically collect late fees, when necessary.

Additional revenue potential becomes possible with POS (point of sale) possibilities. Think studio gift cards, logo wear, and recital photographs.

Easy-to-Access Updates

Whether data comes into your dance studio management software program from the parent portal, the staff portal, or the management portal, it’s immediately accessible to anyone for whom the information should be visible and all in real time. You simply cannot re-create this kind of streamlined communication and integration across tools, when you’re using a hodge podge of free tools and generic software.

Financial Benefits

As a dance studio owner, you’ll be able to see key revenue information whenever you log in, right there on your “dashboard,” the first screen you’ll see. Add in comprehensive reporting features, and you’ll be able to view current trends as well as cash flow projections.

Most dance studios (nearly 2 out of every 3) take in fees between $40 and $80 per student per month. While 1 of every 3 studios pays less than $60 per month for management software and another 1 out of 3 still pays $100 or less, that translates into the revenue from only 1-2 students making dance studio management software worthwhile. Keep in mind that by automating various administrative functions, you’re already reducing your overhead costs in the way of staff hours; by providing more possible means of generating revenue as well as attracting new students, the expense of dance studio software is easily made up.

Perhaps the most significant value add provided by dance studio software comes in the way of freeing you up to do what you do best — interacting with students, mentoring staff, and using your creativity to give your dance studio that special flair that’s unique to you.

Learn more about our Dance Studio Management Software. View the powerful features of Jackrabbit Dance and try a customized live demo.

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Nuts & Bolts of Priority Enrollment for Your Dance Studio

Of the many ways that Jackrabbit Dance can benefit your dance studio, online registration is perhaps the most significant. Along with time savings and accuracy, increased enrollment is a huge perk that many dance studios just like yours have experienced, thanks to online registration with Jackrabbit Dance. With Jackrabbit Dance’s cloud-based platform, you get plenty of versatility while still retaining your ability to automate as much or as little of the process as you prefer. Often, though, our clients ask us what we recommend. So we’ll just pretend you already asked and take the liberty of suggesting that you incorporate Priority Enrollment into the equation. Never heard of it? No problem. We’ll be glad to explain.

How Priority Enrollment Works

Priority Enrollment allows you to prioritize existing dance families, when it comes to registering for classes, by giving them an early registration window. Especially helpful when it comes to high-demand dance classes, your loyal dance families are sure to appreciate this added benefit. Jackrabbit Dance has a secure portal set up for just this kind of situation, allowing you to give select parents access to a password-protected section where they can enroll before the general public.

Why Priority Enrollment Works

The first reason we recommend instituting Priority Enrollment is that it gives you an easy way to show appreciation for your loyal dance families. This, in turn, helps encourage the next two reasons for Priority Enrollment: it builds customer loyalty and helps increase retention rates. A fourth reason is that by giving priority to dance students who are already active, you encourage their continued loyalty to your dance studio — while encouraging new students to become long-time, loyal customers as well. While those 4 reasons certainly overlap, they add up to the benefit of helping your dance studio meet its long-term growth-related goals.

When Priority Enrollment Works Best

One key factor in setting up a Priority Enrollment period for your dance studio is to make sure that the time frame is long enough to give families time to make it happen but short enough to add a sense of urgency so they’re motivated to enroll ASAP. Typically, we suggest that the Open Enrollment period is between 1 and 2 months prior to when your class session begins, and the Priority Enrollment period is a week-long period prior to Open Enrollment.

With Jackrabbit Dance, it’s easy to set up Priority Enrollment in a password-protected area and then roll class listings to where they can be publicly viewed. Before setting up registration of any kind, you’ll definitely want to look through the tips we have in the blog for helping you prepare for your first Online Registration experience.

Learn more about our Dance Studio Management Software. View the powerful features of Jackrabbit Dance and try a customized live demo.

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