Why choose Jackrabbit over MindBody?

Jackrabbit TechnologiesMindBody

Jackrabbit is geared for children’s activity centers

Features made for businesses like yours

  • Parent/student relationship to easily apply multi student and multi class discounts
  • Recital Management – create your recital lineup in a breeze
  • Costume Management – size and order your costumes in just a few clicks

MindBody is geared toward yoga studios and salons

  • No parent/student relationships
  • Difficult to apply family discounts
  • Specializes in appointments

Jackrabbit has Recital & Costume Management

Recital Management

  • Manage all of the details, songs, performers, and programs in one place. Create your recital in a breeze with conflict gap detection.

Costume Management

  • Save time ordering costumes by tracking measurements, sizes, and changes all in one place. Record students’ sizes in Jackrabbit to stay organized. No need to worry about losing sheets of paper or forgetting a size.


  • No recital management
  • No costume management

Online Registration is completely streamlined

More functionality, with class openings easily embedded into your existing website:

  • Ability to embed real-time class information right on your website
  • Simple one page registration form for new customers
  • Parents can view children’s skills & sub-skills via the customer portal

MindBody’s online registration interface

  • Does not embed directly on your website
  • Customers must complete multiple steps to complete the registration process

Jackrabbit’s Robust Executive Dashboard

A quick view of your key business metrics

  • Alerts are automatically synced with your database so you can quickly keep up with waitlists, incomplete time entries, absences, and birthdays.
  • Keep up with aged accounts and enrollments.
  • Compare your current month revenue to the prior two years revenue with the color bar chart.

MindBody has a limited executive dashboard

  • Cannot show alerts, aged accounts, or revenue summaries
  • This means more time spent running reports