BOOST West Conference Speakers

Meet our 2018 BOOST East Conference Speakers

It’s our privilege to present content to you from some of the most experienced and knowledgeable experts
in their specific professions and in the children’s activity industry sector.

Amber Smith

Amber lives in Huntersville, NC and is a new member of the Education team. With her prior experience as a dancer, dance teacher, office administrator at a dance studio, and a Jackrabbit Support representative, she is able to relate to customers and efficiently find the solution they need. Amber enjoys traveling, especially to destinations with warm weather!

Where to find Amber?

  • Online Web Registration & Parent Portal
  • Recitals & Events
  • Costumes/Apparel Management

Brandi Vickers

Brandi is the Sales Director for the Midwest region for TutuTix. With almost three decades in the dance industry, she knows what truly happens in the dance studio and how hectic recital season can be. Her goal is to take away stress and anxiety and make sure every client has a great experience with TutuTix service. She is a group fitness instructor and dance teacher, and has three children, including two daughters who dance competitively at a dance studio in Birmingham, AL.

Where to find Brandi?

  • Recitals & Events (Breakout Session Participant)
  • Vendor Panel Q&A

Darin Soll

Darin helps SaaS companies grow. He has two passions, coaching people to sustained success, and helping bridge the gap between customers and technology. Drawing on his 20 years of experience, Darin asks the right questions to remove roadblocks and optimize execution. He is a semi-professional drummer and authors a popular blog to help drummers get the most out of their gear.

Where to find Darin?

  • General Session – How to Integrate Jackrabbit into Your Organization

Frank Sahlein

Frank has been active in the Children’s Activity Center industry as an athlete, coach, business owner, consultant and business broker. 3rd Level Consulting is a Business Development and Service Provider Partner for a variety of associations and organizations. Frank and his team travel globally, seeking best practices to share them with its clients. His passions include fitness training, transformational reading and motorcycle touring.

Where to find Frank?

  • General Session – Synching UP Your Technologies for Maximum Efficiency
  • Vendor Panel Q&A

Graham Bingham

Graham lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, from where he leads the Education team in creating all client facing help resources. Graham also spends lots of time helping customers in Jackrabbit’s Facebook Software User Groups. Graham is an avid fiction reader and modern architecture enthusiast.

Where to find Graham?

  • BOOST West Conference Co-Host
  • General Session – Post Tuition Fees & Collect Payments
  • Round Tables Facilitator

Jorine Jones

Jorine lives in Charlotte, NC, and manages Jackrabbit’s customer-focused staff, as well as initiatives to improve customer experiences. Believe it or not, at 6’ 3”, Jorine is the shortest person in her family. Her teenaged son is the tallest at 6’ 9”!

Where to find Jorine?

  • Expert Panel Q&A

Mark Mahoney

Mark loves running his software business, but also loves coin collecting and traveling the world to have once-in-a-lifetime experiences. The next item on his bucket list is sailing an America’s cup yacht at Auckland Bay, New Zealand.

Where to find Mark?

  • General Session – The Jackrabbit Story
  • Vendor Panel Q&A Moderator
  • Expert Panel Q&A Moderator

Melissa Keller

Melissa is from South Carolina but has lived in Charlotte, North Carolina since 2011 and is part of the Support Team.
The only children she can claim are two lovely nieces and her 3 fur babies: Winnie, Bitty and Moo.
Melissa loves to travel and is a crafty lady!

Where to find Melissa?

  • Website Class Listings Tables
  • QuickBooks Integration & Use
  • Enrollment Reporting

Sandi Olson

Sandi, a resident of Vancouver, British Columbia, is the perfect mix of creativity and geekiness for her position. Her experience in both customer and ePayments support has given her insight to make Jackrabbit’s Help Center most useful to customers.

Where to find Sandi?

  • Time Clock
  • Financial Reporting
  • Staff Portal

Sean Dever

Sean used his experience as a CPA and knowledge as a former gym owner to develop unique payroll processing software called Express Payroll. A Boston, MA-based CPA and financial planner, Sean serves clients in the dance, gymnastics, cheerleading and child sport sectors across the U.S.

Where to find Sean?

  • Pre-Conference Seminar – Financial Wellness for Your Business
  • General Session – Maximizing Profits
  • Time Clock (Breakout Session Participant)
  • Vendor Panel Q&A

Talina Bath

Talina has created over 125 tutorial videos for our customers on how to use or set up various features in Jackrabbit.  Talina is a big football and hockey fan, is very involved with her children’s school PTA, and organizes a neighborhood book club.

Where to find Talina?

  • Marketing & Communications
  • Store
  • Skills

Tami Colvin

Tami designs, develops, and delivers classroom, online, and onsite training and materials for Jackrabbit’s customers from her Winston-Salem, NC, office. Tami is an avid fan of theatre and music and loves spending time with family, being outdoors, and meeting new people.

Where to find Tami?

  • BOOST East Conference Co-Host
  • General Session – Pro Tips & Best Practices
  • Round Tables Facilitator

Tracy Egan

Tracy is a product management leader who is passionate about driving value for organizations through technology innovation. She enjoys traveling to exotic beach locations with her family, with St. John USVI as their favorite.

Where to find Tracy?

  • General Session – Product Review (Recent & Upcoming Enhancements)
  • Expert Panel Q&A

Ty McDowell

In addition to being CEO, Ty is also a founding partner of Houston, Texas-based Mobile Inventor. Over his 20 years in the software industry, Ty has proved that creating software that is useful and engaging, can also help them increase revenue and enhance the level of service they provide.

Where to find Ty?

  • Vendor Panel Q&A
  • Online Web Registration & Parent Portal (Breakout Session Participant)
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