What’s the secret to hiring dance teachers?

When it comes to hiring dance teachers, you know what you’re looking for. You either need a staffer to handle administrative tasks at your studio, an energetic teacher who is going to help inspire students and improve their technique, or anything in between.

You know the qualities that make a dance teacher appealing. But do you know the qualities that make your studio appealing to them?

What sets your dance studio apart from others when it comes to the process of hiring new dance teachers? That’s what we’re going to help you find out.

4 things to know when it comes to hiring new dance teachers

Improve your careers page

Dance teachers looking for work these days expect the opportunities page on your website to be a one-stop shop. Here is where they expect to learn more about your studio’s brand, the benefits you offer, and the culture you boast.

The number one goal of your website is to get you found by both customers and potential hires. After someone searches ‘dance studio jobs near me’ and lands on your studio’s website, your number one goal is to keep them there.

But how?

When promoting employment opportunities at your studio, convey what you can using snack-sized content. You don’t need an epic novel!

Employees on the prowl today would rather watch a three minute video about your studio than read anything. Trust me. Fast-paced and to-the-point recruitment content will prove to be your silver bullet to improve your careers page and keep dance teachers engaging with your careers page longer.

Use non-traditional job posting channels

In addition to your website, where are you hosting your careers content? Which marketing and communication channels are you utilizing to recruit new dance teachers for your studio?

Traditional avenues you’d take to promote open positions at your dance studio don’t have to be your only option. Start experimenting with Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok when looking for new dance teachers to hire.

Forget about geography

True or False: College grads rate geographic location as very important in their job search?


Only 39 percent of recent college graduates care about the geographic location where they work. How does this apply to your dance studio?

It means that if you have a stellar program, and your job opportunity has reached their inbox or social feed, they have less objections packing up and moving to your studio!

Build your own influencer network

What’s the best form of marketing you have at your studio?

Word of mouth, referrals, parents, existing students-whatever you want to call it, it’s working for your dance studio.

Why not tap into that same resource for promoting open positions at your dance studio?

If your studio’s culture is en pointe, your existing studio staff and teachers can and should be singing opportunities from the rooftop. If they aren’t, ask them to. Chances are they simply haven’t thought about how impactful it could be to the growth and success of your studio.

What do dance teachers you’re hiring care about?

When hiring dance teachers at your studio, it’s important to understand what they care about.

Dance teachers and potential staff you are hiring care about convenience. What can you do as the dance studio owner, director or hiring manager to make the entire process from finding information about your job opening, interviewing and getting started at the studio easy?

Jackrabbit Dance is a studio management software that allows you to run your business anytime, from anywhere. Since 2004, we’ve learned a thing or two about how technology can help streamline processes so that they become more convenient, including helping staff get started.

How technology can help your studio hire new dance teachers

When it comes to hiring at your dance studio, anything automated is going to work in your favor. If the recruiting and hiring process seems clunky, or you make a potential new hire jump through a lot of hoops, it’s not going to paint the best picture of what their experience as a teacher will be at your studio.

When it comes to making a good impression from day one, make sure your studio has the following tech tools to help set your studio apart from other options teachers may have:

  • Scheduling tools that make it easy for staff to communicate their availability
  • Reliable communication avenues for teachers to share notes with parents or internally
  • A time clock so staff don’t have to text, email or write down their hours worked each pay period



What are some of the recruiting techniques you use to set your dance studio apart when hiring dance teachers? Let us know in the comments below!

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