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Terilynne Knox and Catherine Hahne, Dance Davidson

“We definitely hesitated in switching to ePayments. It was a scary prospect trying something new. But I can’t imagine going back to checks and cash. I have other, more important things for my office manager to do than collect payments, run to the bank, and balance the checkbook.”

Suzanne Blake Gerety / Kathy Blake Dance Studios

“It’s like having another employee and a whole tech crew on your team that’s there to help you win.”

Alison Woodbury, Alicats Dance Studio

“I made the switch from a software that wasn’t online. One of the main reasons was for the ecommerce. I needed to switch how I got my money. The majority of my tuition comes in on the 15th and I wake up, have my coffee, and post fees to accounts.”

Olivia Allen, Gotta Dance

“Jackrabbit’s all-in-one system has everything I need. When I ask anything from Jackrabbit, it is easy and quick.”

Adam Barret, Temecula Dance

“Jackrabbit is easily grasped – even by the computer novice. My staff can master the functionality needed to do their tasks. I’m free to grow the business yet manage it from wherever I am.”

Customer Success Stories

Jenn Buckton, Turning Pointe Academy of Dance

“The time savings are tremendous on both ends – staff and parent. Before using Online Registration, it took my staff lots of backend time to sort through and double-check details. We had lots of angry parents in long lines with lots of questions. It took hours and hours to complete the process. Parents find our new, online methods super easy – and quick,”

Abbey Wagoner, Krupinski Academy of Dance

“Because of Jackrabbit, we know every detail about our customers which helps us to make them feel at home in our facility – just like family.”

Terilynne Knox, Dance Davidson

“Because I can get work done from home, I can be all about my students and their families in the studio. It has been a phenomenal transition – giving me time to be manager, owner and teacher.”

Brittany Zorn, Steps N Motion

“With Jackrabbit, I’m no longer up to my ears in paperwork! I just watch for online registration alerts in my Inbox and see the tuition fees come in. The automation that this system provides has transformed the way we operate.”

Keith Pinkston, New Orleans Dance Academy

“Jackrabbit saved us from an inefficient software system and has provided us with control over our processes and insight into our information. The value it delivers makes the cost of our previous software seem unjustified! I’m very impressed and pleased that Jackrabbit is willing to improve their products as I grow and improve my business.”

Amanda Carter, No Limits Dance Company

“People can work where they are instead of being tied to a desk. The technology comes to them. Things can be done during the flow of class without distracting instructors or requiring them to pass off paper lists to admin staff. The studio operates more smoothly with Jackrabbit.”

Jackrabbit Dance Benefits: Training for Your Team

Even when you know about the exceptional level of customer service that comes with Jackrabbit Dance, the prospect of transitioning from your old method of management to our new system can seem a bit daunting. But really, you don’t need to worry! Not only do our web-based platform and user-friendly format make learning our system easy, but our many training options can enhance the startup process for you and your team. We’re glad to provide whatever training method — or combination of methods — you believe will most effectively ease your staff into benefiting from the myriad fabulous features available to them through Jackrabbit Dance.

Internet-Based Training Options from Jackrabbit Dance

Interactive web-based training sessions in the form of hour-long webinars can be scheduled for your staff, allowing you to help various staff members to learn key aspects of your new management software, one step at a time, starting with our favorite recommendation for those new to Jackrabbit Dance: “Getting Started in Jackrabbit.” Other webinar topics can assist staff members in navigating the parent portal, understanding Quickbooks integration, and using point-of-sale features.

In addition to these live webinars, your dance studio staff will be able to watch their choice of training videos, all accessible to them whenever they log on.

Instructions Available from Jackrabbit Dance

For those who prefer an old school instruction manual or straightforward explanations, we offer plenty of helpful guides, as described here. Some popular options include these: Staff Portal Time Clock Help, How-To Guide, and Online Registration Help. Once you’re logged into your Jackrabbit Dance accounts, you and your staff members can easily access any of those — and more — by navigating to the “Contents” area. In the new browser window that pops up, you can easily search indexes.

In-Person Training from Jackrabbit Dance

As convenient as our online and print resources may be, we understand that nothing can replace a live, in-person class. If you want your team to benefit from a Jackrabbit Dance training session, we have several options available for you – and them. One option is the 2-day “Jackrabbit Basics” class, offered exclusively at Jackrabbit headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. Another option many customers appreciate is our “Beyond the Basics” one-day training sessions offered at many locations throughout the U.S. each year.

An added opportunity to learn more about how to maximize your staff’s ability to utilize your Jackrabbit software is to attend one of our biannual “Jackrabbit Boost” User Conferences. We hold one of these 3-day events along the West Coast and one along the East Coast, providing customers with a mixture of round-table discussions, presentations, and problem-solving sessions.

One more option we offer is onsite training for your staff from a Jackrabbit team member at a location of your choosing. You can contact Jackrabbit about availability and pricing for this kind of specialized training opportunity.

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We’re proud to have passed a major milestone, with more than 6,000 clients trusting Jackrabbit. Those 5,000 clients operate more than 12,000 schools, and we’re in all 50 states and 28 countries.

Jackrabbit Class empowers 6,000 clients to run their dance studios

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