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Dance Studio Online Registration

List Classes Online

With Jackrabbit Dance, families can view the current information about your classes, availability, and waitlists online. With Jackrabbit Dance connected to your studio’s website, classes, openings and waitlist are updated in real-time so that families can register confidently any time.

Families can see which classes have openings thanks to automatic updates in your Jackrabbit Dance studio online registration software. They access listings on any PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. Your team and your studio’s parents can view records and reports of information with Jackrabbit’s cloud-based studio management tools.

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Online Dance Registration Form

With online registration, it’s easy for families to browse available dance classes and sign in from any computer or mobile device—anywhere, anytime. They just need internet access. As you eliminate paperwork, you save time and money and minimize data entry.

Free staff to focus more time on students. Stop mailing expensive registration packets. Get paid faster when you accept credit cards. Generate online registration reports.

Visit our Online Registration Help Center to learn more about our dance studio online registration software features. You can also view client websites to experience how it can work for your studio.

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Parent Portal for Dance

Choose the information that you want parents to see, enter and change. Parents can browse available classes and current policies. They can also view absences, make-ups, schedules and skills notes.

Online payment at registration is quick and convenient for parents. You can offer preferred registration to returning students. You can even add a personal message for families to read when they log in.

Live streaming classes via Spot TV is available through the Jackrabbit Parent Portal. Assign video streaming cameras and manage access to customers through seamless and secure integration.

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Share Events

Organize and share events online with Jackrabbit Dance. Families can view and sign up for parties, birthday parties, special events, parents’ night out and other activities. Email confirmations go automatically to the person who signed up and the appropriate staff.

Share a dynamic online calendar showing available events. Create recurring weekly events with start and end dates. Set the number of allowed registrations. You can also require a credit card to reserve a time slot.

Integrate with Your Website

Jackrabbit Dance studio management software lets you store and access data and manage your studio operations safely and securely online. It’s fast and easy to include it in your website. Matching your site’s look and feel, Jackrabbit Dance can include your logo, fonts and colors. Whatever your dance studio’s web style, Jackrabbit Dance can express it.

Installs with just one line of HTML code (we’ll help with this). Incorporates the look and feel of your current website. No setup fee.

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