Costume Recital Management

Manage Costumes and Recitals

Costume Measurements

Get and stay organized by recording students’ sizes in Jackrabbit Dance. Ever fret about losing written measurements? Stop worrying about juggling paper and sizes with Jackrabbit Dance.

Record girth size for easy costume ordering. Save time by reusing measurements for the same student for different costumes. Eliminate sizing chaos by entering data directly into Jackrabbit Dance.


Order Costumes

Use online tools to save time as you organize orders, vendors and fees. Track measurements, sizes and changes in one location. Easily print forms and track vendor orders and charges.

Dance costume measurements: Record and update measurements for costumes. Share vendor size charts. Make things easier with auto or manual sizing options.

Ordering dance costumes: Manage student measurements and sizes in a handy order list. Print order forms and track orders. Track fees and let families pay online.


Streamline Dance Recital Management

Manage recital details in one place. Make changes and updates fast. Jackrabbit Dance for recital management helps you organize songs, roles, performers, conflicts and programs.

Assign classes to multiple recitals. Track songs by length in minutes and seconds per performance. Spot conflicts in your recital programs more easily. Print detailed reports and information for programs.

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