Time-Saving Costume & Recital Management

Jackrabbit Dance Recitals & Costumes

Unlock the power of efficient costume and recital management through Jackrabbit Dance. Put time saved on ordering costumes and recital logistics back into your day and channel it into what truly matters – enhancing your dance studio.

costume size and measurements sheets

Unlock Efficiency and Elevate Your Dance Studio Today

Don’t let administrative tasks slow you down. Embrace Jackrabbit Dance’s advanced recital and costume management tools to reclaim your time and enhance your dance studio’s operations. Get started today and witness the transformation firsthand.

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Improve Costume Measurement Worksheets

Simplify the costume fitting process by collecting precise measurements. Our printable costume measurement worksheets ensure every dancer has been accurately measured prior to ordering costumes, streamlining the process.

Auto-Size Costumes for a Perfect Fit

Choose the right costume sizes for your students hassle-free. With our auto-sizing logic, you can quickly select costume sizes based on girth measurements from your vendor’s sizing chart.

Jackrabbit Dance costume details screen
Jackrabbit Dance invoice statement screen tablet

Collect Costume Fees with Ease

Manage costume fees effortlessly and seamlessly collect deposits and payments from customers using a single platform. Simplify financial transactions and keep everything organized.

Create a Flawless Recital Lineup

Create a captivating recital experience for your dancers and your audiences. Jackrabbit’s recital lineup assistant ensures that dancers have enough time to change between routines, all while keeping your audience engaged with a variety of dances.

Jackrabbit Dance recital editor screen
export recital program worksheet double page booklet

Export Recital Program Book Details

Export your meticulously crafted recital show lineup to Microsoft Word. Create your recital program book with confidence, featuring accurate student and routine name spelling and a flawless show order.

Ready to get started?

Learn how Jackrabbit’s costume and recital management features can help you achieve more in less time so that you can get back to what you love doing – teaching!

costume measurement worksheet
recital agenda worksheets
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Jackrabbit Dance measurement worksheet, recital agenda and costume sizes sheets

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