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Everything you’ve dreamed your studio can be falls into place with Jackrabbit’s Cloud-Based Class Management Software. We’re in more than 12,000 studios and schools worldwide, helping owners just like you take charge of their businesses—with game-changing features that we’re always improving.

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Organize Everything

Jackrabbit’s cloud-based class management delivers a level of speed and reliability that exceeds client expectations. Easily check overdue accounts, track class enrollment, explore financial reports, review student skills, manage staff, collect payments, choose the best classes to offer and more. You’ll have more time to share your skills with students.

Executive Dashboard – Easily run and manage reports
Financial Management – Seamlessly handle QuickBooks, fees & more
Family Data – Collect and review all family information

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Save Time

Work confidently. Jackrabbit Dance’s secure and reliable software automates time-consuming tasks, giving you more freedom to focus on teaching and living your best life. By helping you spend less time on tedious yet essential business duties, you have more time to engage with your students, loved ones and your dreams.

Skills Tracking – Easily monitor student skills through online portal
Streamline Payroll – Processing is more automated with time clock
Point-of-Sale – Increase the efficiency of your front desk

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Improve Profit and Revenue

Success is no accident! When you crush your goals, we do, too!  You’re making a difference by bringing dance to your community. And we want to help you make your dream even more profitable making it easier to enroll students, collect tuition and fees, reduce costs and grow your studio. We’re committed to spending time each day on new ways that our software can be better at making you happier and your business more prosperous.

Online Registration – Parents can enroll their kids online from any device
Convenient Payment – Customers use a credit card to pay online
Email Statements – Charge all your families fast

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Communicate Better

Rich features and robust functionality empower you to communicate and connect with parents, students and staff—anytime, from any device. Email templates make it easy to communicate about open houses, closures, birthdays and events. Turn to the staff portal to post news and reminders. Fast means that no task – or customer – ever waits on the software for what they need.

Text Reminders – Reach students, parents and staff quickly
Payment Notices – Alerts parents about late fees and expired credit cards
Schedule Changes – Instantly notify families about schedule changes

How Jackrabbit Dance Software Can Help You Manage Your Dance Studio Staff

You love the way your dance studio inspires your students, and you simply adore the unique collection of dance instructors and students that comprise your dance studio family. By automating staff-management tasks, you’ll be able to renew your enthusiasm over your dancers and staff while also allowing your entire dance family to enjoy some great added perks! The enhanced communication and organization you’ll be promoting will be sure to be noticed by your dance parents, and they’ll spread the word! The effect is bound to be increased enrollment and revenue, something you and your staff can definitely get excited about!

Simplified Scheduling

I can hear you groaning now. You know it’s time to create a new schedule, but the task seems daunting. Time to collect various requests from staff members — some in the form of text messages, others on scraps of paper. It’s almost impossible to consider everyone’s availability and preferences, and you usually have to come up with and distribute several drafts before coming up with something that works for everyone. It’s the same story, every year. Until now, that is! With Jackrabbit software, scheduling will no longer be synonymous with frustration — for you or your dance studio staff!

Through the Jackrabbit Dance staff portal, your dance instructors and other staff members will be able to select availability and submit specific scheduling requests. You’ll be able to view all of that information simultaneously, allowing you to easily create a new class schedule. You’ll also be able to view each instructor’s previous schedules as well as enrollment information, making it easy to plan with all the information you need within easy reach.

Information Flow

If you’re tired of trying to remember which staff members you’ve informed of various announcements and are tired of trying to follow up to make sure they’ve received the memos, think of what Jackrabbit Dance can do for your sanity! Dance studio instructors and other staff members will be able to see any important communications from you on their Dashboard, the screen they see immediately upon logging in. They’ll also be able to see any updated contact information for dancers, communication from their parents, and more — all in a single application! Of course, communication is a 2-way street, so your staff can also easily connect with parents, informing them of certain milestones or upcoming details regarding classes or competitions. With ability to track progress and communicate with you and other dance studio staff, Jackrabbit Dance will help everyone remain in sync.

Time Tracking

Instead of having to retrieve manual time cards from your dance studio staff, Jackrabbit Dance helps you automate the process. Not only will this save you time, but it can also save you money. Some businesses report that up to 7% of payroll costs are actually due to errors in manual time tracking; by automating the process, you’ll greatly reduce the chances of such overages. Since Jackrabbit Dance can be fully integretrated with your existing accounting software, you’ll essentially be taking the time tracking and payroll processing aspects of your dance studio off your plate, completely.

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Increasing Revenue for Your Dance Studio, Part 1

“You build their dreams. We build your business.” That mission statement is more than a cute little catch-phrase at Jackrabbit Dance Software. We exist to help free you up to do what you do best by automating many administrative functions related to running your dance studio. Once you start to experience the benefits of Jackrabbit Dance, freeing you up from manually coordinating schedules and processing time cards, registrations, and more, the time you’re saving can be put to use pursuing other goals – like pursuing added opportunities for increasing revenue.

More Than a Business

While we realize that your dance studio is more about art and passion and mentoring young dancers, let’s face it: it is also a business. And if it doesn’t succeed as a business with a healthy bottom line, none of the other goals will be accomplished either. Fortunately, the greatest opportunities for financial growth for your dance studio come precisely because it’s more than a business: your dance studio has formed a unique emotional connection with your greater community, and that relationship offers the potential for fundraising.

Basic Fundraising Principles

While the various forms of fundraising require varying degrees of time, effort, and manpower, they also offer just as diverse levels of return on your investment. As a general rule, the more work you put into any given fundraiser, the greater your reward. However, if you simply don’t have much to give, your dance studio can definitely reap some financial rewards from simpler fundraising opportunities.

Our Favorite Fundraiser: The Dance Marathon

A favorite, time-tested dance studio fundraiser is the Dance Marathon. One of the most helpful aspects of this fundraiser type is that, unlike many fundraiser models, it allows those who aren’t in attendance the chance to contribute. This kind of event does require its fair share of effort and planning, but it typically rewards your dance studio with a generous amount of contributions. One key aspect of a dance marathon is to motivate participants to continue dancing by offering decent prizes. Those prizes can come in the form of donations from other local businesses, which you would in turn recognize on your Dance Marathon flyer and signage.

A key component of a successful Dance Marathon is making sure there are plenty of opportunities for dancers to earn prizes – and making sure that many of those are tied to increased sponsorship. Prizes can be awarded for those who remain dancing for the longest amount of time, those who have achieved the most sponsorship and the greatest number of sponsors, those voted the “best dressed,” and more. You can also encourage attendance by offering door prizes and other small tokens to members of the crowd. By announcing winners every hour, you’ll keep everyone excited!

As an added revenue-building option, you can sell concessions and dance studio merchandise at your Dance Marathon.

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Increasing Revenue for Your Dance Studio, Part 2

Your Dance Studio is your life, your passion, the way you inspire others. But it’s also a business, and if it doesn’t succeed as such, all else falls apart. One of the many ways that Jackrabbit Dance software equips your dance studio to increase revenue is through its Point-of-Sale feature. But of course, if you have nothing to sell, then it really won’t do you any good. So we’re going to give you a few ideas to start the ball rolling, allowing you to increase your dance studio’s revenue.

Tips for Easy Merchandising

While custom merchandise was once the arena for only large businesses and organizations, today’s technology and web-based services allow even the smallest organizations to be able to build their brand and create customized merchandise such as calendars, T-shirts, magnets, gym bags, water bottles, hats, phone cases, and more. And because you don’t have to amass an inventory of these products before you sell them, it’s a risk-free option. Some sites will even help you create a custom design if you don’t yet have a dance studio logo already in place.

With very little up-front expense, Spreadshop, Merchify, and other similar platforms help you create products and produce them with a very tight turn-around time from when you place your order to when products are delivered. To achieve optimal revenue, attain a few physical samples to show your customers, but allow online ordering for a streamlined process.

You can easily share links for online ordering via communications with your dance studio family as well as shareable social media posts that can extend your reach far beyond that group! (Of course, we’re sure you’ve already benefited from the enhanced communications that Jackrabbit Dance software allows.)

Merchandising for Fundraising Events and Beyond

Fundraisers in themselves are great opportunities for your dance studio to add revenue, but you can increase their profitability by adding merchandise! From Dance Marathons to Recitals and Competitions, all dance studio events can benefit from a little extra merchandising.

As helpful as it can be for your dance studio’s bottom line, merchandising has benefits beyond that, too. It also offers your dance studio free advertising out in your community and can offer extra incentives. It creates a sense of unity among members of your dance family. You can order several extra items when you place your merchandise order for use as incentives for new dancers or those who win certain internal competitions. You can also order several extra to keep on hand in your dance studio “store.” By periodically running a merchandising campaign, you’ll increase your dance studio’s revenue as well as enthusiasm for your brand.

To offer an added sense of enthusiasm, you can preface your merchandising campaign with a design contest. (Just be sure to get the winner to sign a waiver, giving you permission to use the image.)

Overall, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to create and sell branded merchandise for your Dance Studio.

Learn more about our Dance Studio Management Software. View the powerful features of Jackrabbit Dance and try a customized live demo.

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Security protects your data

Jackrabbit Dance protects your data in servers with redundant, denial-of-service firewalls. We monitor administrative controls 24/7 to prevent unauthorized access, and we use 1024-bit encryption for authentication. To keep your business moving, we guarantee 99.9% system uptime. It’s all so you can reliably and securely use your software anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Flexibility to support dance and other classes at your studio

Jackrabbit Dance is designed by and for dance studios and music schools, gymnastics and cheer gyms, swim and performing arts schools, and childcare centers. But we don’t stop there. Many other types of businesses needing robust class management solutions look to Jackrabbit as well, such as cooking, tutoring, art, horseback riding, foreign language and ESL instruction, and more!

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