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Jackrabbit Dance is the most reliable, robust and responsive dance studio management software. Globally, Jackrabbit Class software powers more than 12,000 schools. We’re helping thousands of dance studio owners like you take control of their businesses, so they can focus on their passion—teaching dance.

Secure online platform fuels growth for dance studio

“It’s like having another employee & a whole tech crew on your team that’s there to help you win.”
– Suzanne Gerety / Kathy Blake Dance Studios

Why Choose Jackrabbit Dance Software

Looking for more freedom from administrative tasks?

Let Jackrabbit Dance studio management software liberate you with automation and efficiency. Plus, parents love the ease of online registration and more. The result: You save time as you increase enrollment.
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Manage every part of your Dance Studio—more easily

Online Registration

Eliminate paper work to improve the customer experience and streamline operations.

Time Clock

Cut costs and save time by getting rid of paper timesheets and no longer counting staff hours manually.

Billing and Payments

Let customers pay tuition and fees online. This makes paying more convenient for customers, and reduces phone calls and late payments.

Point of Sale

Maximize the performance and efficiency of your front desk with easy point-of-sale functionality.

Skill Tracking

Teachers can easily track student dance skills and alert parents of progress online.

Executive Dashboard

Open the door to more possibilities with management tools that categorize and organize your business data.

Jackrabbit Technologies:  A partner you can count on.

Look no further than Jackrabbit Technologies for dance studio software that empowers you to focus on what you love:  Teaching.

Combining class administration, student enrollment, instructor scheduling, costume management, billing, electronic payments, and parent communication into one comprehensive software solution, Jackrabbit Dance organizes, streamlines, and automates your studio’s office administration functions.

When you automate everyday tasks by leveraging the broad and deep capabilities of our online software solution, you simplify the operational side of your business and allow you, your dance studio director, and dance studio staff to redirect energies to activities that truly require a human touch.  Your staff can interact with your dance students and their families, fine tune class plans, monitor skills and progress reports, develop relationships with those inside and outside of your dance studio, and create and act on growth plans with marketing activities that you’ve never before had time to implement. You will become a bonafide dance studio pro!

With Jackrabbit, you get the best of all worlds – a secure cloud-based solution with impeccable uptime performance, accessible from virtually any internet-connected device in the world, an extensive dance-focused featureset, industry-leading flexibility to support dance studios large and small with a variety of business models, and staff and parent portals optimized for tablets and smartphones.  For example, you can keep tabs on your business from that dance conference you have always wanted to attend or that vacation you’ve dreamt of taking, monitoring key metrics and communicating with parents and staff from the road.

When you put top dance studio management software to work in your studio, you leverage accounting features that give you confidence that the information you provide to your customers – and to your accountant – is complete and correct. They depend on you and you can depend on Jackrabbit’s software to provide information that is accessible, available, protected, and accurate.  Think of Jackrabbit as your dance studio administration partner – a trusted resource for dance studio owners – designed to help you succeed.

Beyond the day-to-day, the best dance studio software gives you the opportunity, the resources, and the metrics to grow.  Jackrabbit will give you back your time – time to spend on developing your team, partnering with your community, and executing your growth and expansion strategy – because you leverage the 14 years of dance industry knowledge and innovation baked into our online dance studio software solution.  You now have resources to allocate for growth because of the additional revenue you’re bringing in and/or what you’re saving in labor, fees, and administrative tools that you no longer need. You’re now armed with metrics that enable you to make decisions better and faster because of the powerful reporting capabilities we provide.  You finally have dance studio management software that helps you take your dance studio to the next level. And, as a bonus, you will have more time to pursue your passions!

While you are at your next dance conference, stop by Jackrabbit Technologies’ booth and meet the people who will provide you the responsive product support and education you need to get the most out of your software.  Many of Jackrabbit’s team members are former dancers, taught dance classes, managed studio operations, and even owned dance studios! They understand the challenges you face as you work to share your passion for dance with your community.  We know that our success depends on our ability to help you succeed. That is the reason that Jackrabbit actively supports a number of associations in the dance community, including UDMA, Dance Life, Dance Teacher Summit, Energize, and the SUMMIT.

Think of Jackrabbit as your dance studio manager – a trusted software partner playing a key role in the management of your business.  We understand the significance of the trust you place in us, and we are driven to earn that trust every day!

“Jackrabbit is truly a time-saver and a liberator. Not only did we save money with Jackrabbit’s processor but credit card processing alone has saved at least 6 hours per monthly cycle since previously we were punching in individual numbers. And because Jackrabbit handles processing automatically, we don’t have to have our lives revolve around the first of the month.” – Chasta Hamilton Calhoun, Stage Door Dance

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