Dance Studio Industry Benchmark Report

Jump into Jackrabbit’s Dance Studio Industry Benchmarks that will enable you to gauge your program’s performance relative to other dance studios globally. Use this information to:

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Notable Findings

Customer & Staff Loyalty

Studios should invest in technology to improve customer experience and streamline operations, consider family-centric approaches in marketing and customer service, offer positive work environments to retain quality staff, and ensure payment and policy systems are user-friendly.

Enrollment Growth

Consistent growth rates for all studio sizes seen in 2022-2023 are stabilizing, so studios should diversify services and explore additional revenue streams for continued growth, and smaller studios should look to explore niche offerings to compete with larger competitors.

Revenue & Expenses

Studios should evaluate pricing strategies to balance competitiveness and profitability, consider careful planning and budget management due to increased inflation and staff wage increases, and ensure the right balance between attracting students and maintaining profitability.

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