Safety Management Strategy for Dance Studios

dance-instructor assisting young student

There are six elements to a comprehensive risk and safety management strategy for dance schools and studios. Preventative measures Proper safety practice begins with risk identification and management. When you understand your risks, you can take preventative measures: Create a policy for proper footwear. Too much cushion, or barefoot, is an injury risk. Display your […]

Dance Studio Insurance – The Basics

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Insurance. Nobody likes it but everyone has to have it. Speaking with many dance studio owners over the years, there is always a pain when it comes to buying insurance. From the new studio owner who has never purchased before to the veteran studio owner how has had insurance for years, everyone has the same […]

Planning for 2017: Dance Teacher Conventions, Conferences and Workshops

Finding the best dance teacher conferences, conventions, and workshops.

It is always good for teachers to keep on top of all the latest dances and teaching methods. One great way to do have continuing education is to attend a dance convention, conference or workshop. These provide many benefits, including networking with other teachers, dancers and choreographers. Tips for attending Be open and positive: Remember […]

The #1 Insurance Mistake Dance Studio Owners Make

Broken glass on the floor

Many business owners don’t realize that the Property Damage Liability coverage only protects you against claims of third-party property damage. Here is an explanation of property insurance coverage broken down so you can understand what you have, and make adjustments to your insurance coverage if needed. What is Liability? I’ll begin with a definition of […]

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