6 Things To Consider When Buying Software

6 things to consider before buying computer software.

Software – it’s a world of its own and can be hard to pick which company will best fit your needs. We’re here to help. With 10+ years in this business, we’ve heard from new business owners, franchisees, seasoned business owners looking for a change and many others on the struggle of choosing a software […]

Ditch The “I’m Busy” Bit

Woman sticking out hand.

It’s something we all say – almost without thinking. “I’m busy.” Why shouldn’t we say this? It’s a fact, right? The truth is, our “I’m busy” statement may not be an honest one and there is research from the University of Rochester and the Journal of Psychological Science to support the probability that we would […]

Red Nose Day

Little Otter Swim Champs staff wearing red noeses

Today is Red Nose Day! We are celebrating with Little Otter Swim School and Miller Street Dance Academy. <img class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-11643″ src=”https://www.jackrabbitclass.com/wp-content/uploads/Debbie-and-Ketura-with-John-and-front-desk-staff-with-Red-Noses.jpg” alt=”Debbie and Ketura with John and front desk staff with Red Noses” width=”1152″ height=”864″ /> <img class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-10135″ src=”https://www.jackrabbitdance.com/wp-content/uploads/Red-Nose-Day-Ketura-Gina-Smith-Debbie-with-Miller-St-logo-dance-bunny.jpg” alt=”Red Nose Day – Ketura, Gina Smith, Debbie with Miller St logo, […]

Staff Portal Is Live!

Jackrabbit Staff Portal is live

The Staff Portal is a new enhancement that is now live! The Time Clock has been renamed Staff Portal. Staff can now login to the Staff Portal to see announcements, record their hours worked, and take attendance for the classes they teach in one place. The Staff Portal is mobile friendly which means using on […]

Don’t Be Stuck in the “Way We’ve Always Done It” Rut

Embrace Change

Does this sound familiar? You offer 9 months of 1 weekly class. At the end of the year, you have a recital. Zero students in September grew to 55 by January. By mid-April the excuses poured in and by recital time enrollment is down to 31. Why are you still doing it this way if […]

Facebook Ads 101

Jackrabbit Tips & Tricks

It’s 2016 and you have to pay to play on Facebook. New to this phrase? When Facebook started, they were not an advertising platform. If you posted something, your fans would see it. Now that over 1.6 billion people are on Facebook, it’s impossible for your fans to see every one of your posts. The […]

Pro Tip: Find Expiring/Expired Credit Cards

Jackrabbit Tips & Tricks

Tired of seeing expired credit cards decline? Before you run a batch for collecting credit card payments, you can run this report and email the families that need to update their card. This will help get your money faster. If you contact the family before the batch has been started, you’re giving them a heads […]

A New Tab

New Jackrabbit Enhancements

An events tab has been added to Families & Students that shows current and past event enrollment. There are no longer buttons for viewing event enrollment.

Must Select Type First

New Jackrabbit Enhancements

Users can no longer enter a message before selecting a “type” in Email/Text Families. This prevents a message from being deleted if it is typed before selecting its “type.”  

How Office Managers Get Account Details Quickly

Jackrabbit Tips & Tricks

Some of our more seasoned office administrators and managers simply take advantage of some of Jackrabbit’s software functionality to find out lots of useful information that is relevant to their everyday needs: Advanced search for students to filter needed info: gender, user defined fields, tuition and billing details Advanced search for families to find accounts […]

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