Dance instructor using the Jackrabbit studio management software.

Jackrabbit Helps No Limits Dance Company Push Technology Out to Those Who Need It

No Limits Dance Company started small and found that Excel worked just fine – until student count reached 15. In addition to her dance studio, Amanda Carter’s business has a gym component, so she obviously had a couple of powerful components driving her need for greater efficiency through using computer software. Automated billing was Amanda’s predominant qualifier for her class management software.

Keeping parents happy.

Getting accustomed to new software can be challenging – especially when your business is new too. Software has to fit the business, so when her software of choice began causing heartburn for parents, Amanda had to consider her options. Several parents suggested the software they had used elsewhere and really liked: Jackrabbit.

“The last thing that I want is for parents to be confused about their payments. I had to seriously reconsider my software choice and look at the one parents liked using.”

Getting paid easily.

Working through billing manually is time-consuming and often wrought with errors. Jackrabbit’s powerful automated billing is game-changing for Amanda since she cherishes her teaching time and doesn’t want to give any of it up to managing operational processes. Jackrabbit works beautifully for her studio and is flexible enough to accommodate the fixed fees format needed for the gym side of her business.

“Jackrabbit helps me stay organized and easily track all of my billing details, because everything is in one place. It saves me hours and hours of time.”   

Taking technology to users.

Jackrabbit gives Amanda the ability to push the use of technology out to everyone who needs it. iPads can be used to capture online registrations, and iPads can be used by staff for taking attendance and recording their time.

“People can work where they are instead of being tied to a desk. The technology comes to them. Things can be done during the flow of class without distracting instructors or requiring them to pass off paper lists to admin staff. The studio operates more smoothly with Jackrabbit.” 

Connected to real people.

Amanda considers herself to be pretty tech savvy, but not so savvy that she doesn’t need help along the way. Jackrabbit’s customer support resources include many tools that allow users with different levels of skill to find help in the way that fits them the best. Both the software’s built-in help button and chat allow users to request help when they are in their moment of need. Videos allow them to brush up on features they infrequently use. Scheduling a phone call establishes a time when more complex questions can be answered or something new can be explained.

“My previous software support experience didn’t prepare me for the excellent support I get from Jackrabbit. I feel connected to people who care about helping me. They’re quick to respond, great listeners and provide thorough answers.”   

No Limits Dance Company | Amanda Carter Mills

70 students | 3 teachers |1 admin person


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