Tuition Tip: The benefits of autmation.

Should my dance studio use automated tuition billing?

Any successful dance studio owners will tell you the biggest benefit to automated tuition billing is time savings. Who doesn’t want more time, right?

But is time savings alone going to make you change your entire billing, payments and tuition processing strategy? It could or it couldn’t. 

That’s what this article is all about- sharing all of the benefits associated with automated tuition billing. Additionally, it dives into how your dance studio can see exponential growth by automating other daily tasks.

What is automated tuition billing?

Let’s answer this question with another question. How do you pay your monthly utility bills, doctor bills and other invoices? I’m going to go out on a limb and assume you make your payments online. 

Similar to the services you pay for, automated tuition billing allows you to post and collect tuition and other fees from the families at your dance studio from a single and secure location using dance studio software

What are the benefits of using automated tuition billing at your dance studio

Automated tuition billing is convenient for customers

Parents at your studio want to be hounded by your front office staff as little as your front office staff wants to hound them. You still with me? 

When your studio converts to an automated tuition strategy, the right software solution will allow you to automatically remind customers of upcoming payments and notify them when their payment has been accepted or declined. 

Automated tuition billing helps ensure revenue for your studio

You already know that automating your studio’s tuition billing strategy will save you time and is convenient for your customers. Does it get any better than that? Yup!

When your studio can automatically post tuition fees to students in an entire class and process those payments in just a little time, then you’ve basically enforced your studio’s tuition policy and ensured another month’s worth of revenue in two steps.

Insert your happy dance here.


Later this month, you’ll have the ability to automatically post tuition fees, giving you one less process to complete each month!  

How to automate more tasks using Jackrabbit Dance

At Jackrabbit Dance, we’re all about sharing ways you can use dance studio software to make your life easier. When it comes to getting more done in less time, automating these four tasks and doing so with Jackrabbit Dance is a no-brainer. 

Automate online registration with Jackrabbit Dance

Are you still using a paper system to manually register students for an upcoming season? Save the paper and streamline your entire registration process! 

Parents are never more engaged with your studio than during registration. That’s why Jackrabbit makes it easy to collect every piece of information you need from parents at one time-from payment information to t-shirt size. 

Additionally, you can utilize class listings on your studio’s website to show parents which classes are available which are on a waitlist. 

Automated registration gives your front desk staff or office manager more time to prioritize other tasks that help contribute to the growth of your studio.   

Automate point of sale and inventory management with Jackrabbit Dance

Does your dance studio have an on-site store? If so, you probably need a few staff members to manage inventory and make sure customers are attended to.

An all-in-one point of sale system with credit card reader, barcode scanner and inventory reporting automatically helps your staff manage the numbers so they can manage the customers expectations!

Automate skill, milestone and curriculum development with Jackrabbit Dance

Why do students come to your studio? Because you’re the best, of course! 

By recording student skills directly from the Staff Portal, your staff can automatically feed parents updates on what their child is learning and the milestones they’ve met during class that day, week or session.

Automate staff time clock and payroll with Jackrabbit Dance

How is your studio managing staff schedules, timesheets and payroll? If the spreadsheet and binder days aren’t in your rearview mirror, I highly encourage you to automate these processes for time and accuracy sake. 

The amount of manhours is one thing, but the possibility of human error when manually running payroll could be costing your studio more than you realize. 

With staff scheduling, time clock access in the Staff Portal and integration with the industry’s best payroll partner, Jackrabbit’s dance studio software has got you covered!

Are you ready to put automation to work for your studio? Start your 30-day free trial of Jackrabbit Dance this summer and be ready for an automagical registration season this fall! 

Start my 30-day free trial of Jackrabbit Dance!

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