Dance Studio Management Software

Dance Studio Management Software

Jackrabbit Dance makes it easy to try the industry’s most trusted dance studio management software.

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The verdict is in: Jackrabbit Dance is the top dance class management software for managing classes, enrollment and attendees. With Jackrabbit, you get a collection of tools that make managing classes easy and painless.

Use Jackrabbit Dance with QuickBooks and more. Integrated accounting software keeps your accounts current, automates billing and helps track receivable accounts. What happens when you have the right tools? You can effectively manage your classes and feel more in charge of your dance business. With the time you save, you can focus more on fun tasks like teaching.

As your dance studio management software, Jackrabbit Dance delivers world-class performance. The top dance studios in the world choose Jackrabbit. Why? It’s their management program of choice because of Jackrabbit’s feature-rich power, user-submitted feedback and regular enhancements.

Jackrabbit Dance software is customer-centric, which means that you get the right tools to effectively manage every aspect of your dance studio.

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