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See What’s New: Monthly Enhancement Review

Offered Monthly

We are always improving features and adding enhancements to Jackrabbit Dance. Join us each month to explore the latest enhancements. Expect approximately 30 minutes of presentation followed by a 30-minute question-and-answer session.

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ePayments 101

Offered Wednesday September 12th at 1:00 pm Eastern

Let’s Talk ePayments! Please join us for a live webinar to learn the benefits of using integrated ePayments, understand the ePayments ecosystem, see a live demonstration on how easy it is to use, and get all your questions answered by our ePayments team.

This webinar is intended for clients who may not have started using ePayments yet, as well as those who are. You’ll benefit from a deeper understanding of the system and how automating your collections can save you time and money! The live webinar will include time for Q&A at the end.

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Creating an App with Mobile Inventor

Listen as guest speaker, Ty McDowell of Mobile Inventor demonstrates how you can tap into the power and benefits of the Jackrabbit Parent Portal and put it into the hands of your clients to save time and money!

Who should watch?
Business Owners, Managers, and Administrators if you have considered a mobile app for your business, this is a great informational webinar you don’t want to miss.

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Class Sessions – How They Work For You

Even if you run perpetual classes, the use of Sessions can be beneficial for your business. Join us as we review what Sessions are, how they are created and used, and how you can easily transition from one Session to another without recreating all your existing classes from scratch. Experience how Sessions can be used to expand reporting options, including how to find previous students not currently enrolled. The live webinar will include time for Q&A at the end.

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Skills/Levels – Setup & Utilization

Join us as we review the utilization of Skills in your Jackrabbit database. We demonstrate the setup of Skills, how to update Skills in Staff Portal, as well as review what the parent sees in the Parent Portal. The live webinar will include time for Q&A at the end.

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Understanding the Enhanced Post Tuition Fees Tool

Watch an on-demand webinar demonstrating the new discounting & prorating enhancement. You will learn how to customize settings, create rules, and post tuition fees with this new enhancement. The demonstration is followed by a recorded Q&A.

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Website Integration – Incorporating Jackrabbit into Your Website

In this webinar, we demonstrate how to integrate your Jackrabbit database with your organization’s website. We review integration options for your class listings tables (including filtering, sorting, and hiding columns), as well as how to link to your Web Registration form, your Parent Portal, and your Event calendar. NOTE – This webinar assumes that your Web Registration form, Parent Portal, and Events are ready for integration. Basic setup of those portions of your database will not be covered in this webinar. This webinar is geared towards those who update and add content to their website. Webmasters/developers are welcome. The recorded webinar includes a Q&A session at the end.

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Navigating the New Parent Portal

In this webinar, we review the newly enhanced mobile responsive Parent Portal. We explore the Parent Portal and see what your parents see.

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It’s Recital Time! Learn How Jackrabbit Can Help

In this webinar, we demonstrate how the Recital module streamlines recital planning. You will explore how to build your own custom recitals in Jackrabbit Dance and then use that data to organize programs, queue sheets, backstage sign in/out sheets and more.

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More Profitable Dance Recitals: Three BIG Money-Making Ideas

Is your dance studio making money on recitals? Most studios are turning recitals into profit centers. Yours can too. By working with studios to help them sell tickets to recitals, TutuTix has gained many insights into best practices for making recitals more profitable. This webinar features TutuTix Co-Founder Eric Housh. He shares three impactful strategies for making money on recitals. After viewing, you will have ideas that you can use to make your business better. Eric also offers a quick demo of the TutuTix service, and answers questions.

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The Advantages of Jackrabbit Time Clock and Express Payroll: Saving Time and Money

Listen to Sean Dever of Express Payroll as he discusses:

  • Advantages of the Jackrabbit time clock for staff
  • How the time clock can connect with Express Payroll
  • Hot topics such as trends in overtime and taxes
  • Managing contractors and employees
  • How reporting within Express Payroll can help you analyze your payroll
  • Time and money savings that come with using time clock and Express Payroll

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Explore the New Jackrabbit Help Center: Get a Guided Tour

Jackrabbit recently launched a new help center. Take a tour with Subject Matter Expert Sandi Olson. She will walk you through this new tool. See how much faster search has become. Learn how information is now structured. Get an update on how you can offer feedback.

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Use QuickBooks? Review QuickBooks Online Integration

Watch an on-demand webinar demonstrating the recently released Quickbooks Online integration enhancement. Our Quickbooks Subject Matter Expert reviews how it works and answers questions.

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Manage Costumes Better with Jackrabbit Dance

Watch as Jackrabbit costume Subject Matter Expert Cay Carlson gives an overview of the Costume module. Learn about adding new vendors; setting up size charts and auto-size; adding costumes to classes; posting deposits and balances; and much more. This one-hour webinar includes a recorded Q&A session after the demo.

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Getting Started in Jackrabbit

Just starting with Jackrabbit? View this on-demand webinar to get started right. It’s perfect for anyone new to Jackrabbit or veteran users who want a refresher. You’ll review:

  • Navigating through Jackrabbit
  • Customizing and personalizing your database
  • Adding families, students and classes
  • Where to find help, information and more

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Creating Events: Plan Events in Jackrabbit

The Jackrabbit Dance Events Management tool can be used for events, such as birthdays, parents’ nights, private lessons, open houses, master classes and more. Events created reside on your Event Calendar. From there, customers can select events right from the calendar. In this on-demand webinar, we show how to create a calendar notice; how to create a standard event for multiple dates and times; how to create events for registration; how to add event legalese; and how to post your Event Calendar on the web.

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The 411 on PoS: How Point-of-Sale Power and the Jackrabbit Store Benefit You

Watch a webinar that reviews and demonstrates how the Jackrabbit Store works. You’ll explore store features including: inventory tracking; barcode scanner; secure credit card swipe reader; general accounts for non-customer transactions; sales-related report generation; payment receipt details and much more. The webinar includes a recorded Q&A session.

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Stop the Clock! Utilizing Jackrabbit’s Time Clock

Learn how to utilize the Jackrabbit Time Clock in this on-demand webinar. We review how you can: set up pay periods and departments; use time buffers, hour types and time entry methods; track staff time entries; manage office staff, instructors and salaried staff. Also covered: approving time, exporting to payroll, closing pay periods and spotting and correcting errors.

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Online Integration: Get Your Classes Online

Have you set up your database? Great. You’re ready for the next step. That’s putting everything online and promoting it on social media. Watch this on-demand webinar for demonstrations of online integration for:

  • Events
  • Web registration forms
  • Class listing tables
  • Customer Portal

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