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Getting Started

Get Hopping in Jackrabbit: How to Get Started

Just starting with Jackrabbit? View this on-demand webinar to get started down the correct path. It’s perfect for anyone new to Jackrabbit, as well as veteran users who want a refresher. You’ll review: Navigating through Jackrabbit; customizing and personalizing your database; adding families, students, and classes; and where to find help, information and more.


Onboarding Employees with the
Jackrabbit Training System

Hiring new staff and getting them up to speed can be a daunting task. Jackrabbit offers great classroom training, but the next class may not be offered for a while and your new staff is starting now.

Never fear! Join us as we demonstrate Jackrabbit’s brand new, self-paced, online Jackrabbit Training System.


Pro Tips & Tricks: How to Optimize Your Day with Jackrabbit

There are a number of Jackrabbit-recommended pro tips and best practices that will help you better manage your time and resources. Making use of available database tools and Jackrabbit education resources will put you on the path to greater efficiency and optimal business success. Join us as we review some of the most popular and recommended pro tips and tricks.

On-Demand Coming Soon

Fees, Payments, & Financials

ePayments: Understand & Grow Your Business

Join us to learn the benefits of using integrated ePayments, understand the ePayments ecosystem, see a live demonstration of how easy it is to use, and get all your questions answered by our ePayments team. This webinar is intended for clients who may not yet have started using ePayments, as well as those who are already setup and processing electronic payments. Benefit from a deeper understanding of the system and learn how automating your collections can save you time and money.


Posting Tuition Fees: Discounting & Prorating Made Easier

Tap into the power of the enhanced Post Tuition Fees tool. Whether you charge tuition by class fee, total hours a student or family takes, fixed fees, or a combination, you can use the enhanced Post Tuition Fees tool to post your discounted and prorated tuition in a flash. This webinar will review tuition settings and posting options available, allowing you to customize tuition postings to best accommodate your organization’s needs.


Financial Management: The Importance of Linking & Report Reconciliation

Fee linking in Jackrabbit is the process of applying a payment to a specific fee and is a vital part of Jackrabbit’s cash accounting. Proper fee linking results in accurate revenue reports that will better enable you to manage your business. This webinar will demonstrate how to find and correct unlinked fees, as well as review some of the most popular revenue reports used for reconciliation.


Financial Wellness for Your Business

Join us as Sean Dever, CPA and financial planner, discusses relevant topics that business owners and managers face today. Topics will include: best practices on policies and procedures, avoiding bookkeeping mistakes, last minute pricing strategies for your fall season, payroll benchmarks and Form W4 updates, and last minute tax changes that are impacting our businesses.


Pay Yourself First – 5 Things to Consider Before Discounting

The success of your growing business depends on several things. One of the most important being how many customers you have and the way you structure your pricing strategy. Join the Jackrabbit team along with CPA, Sean Dever as we dive into the top five things every business owner should consider before discounting their programs.


Store: Track, Manage, & Sell Your Inventory

Join us as we review and demonstrate how to utilize the Jackrabbit Store. You’ll explore store features including: Inventory tracking; barcode scanning; a secure credit card swipe reader; general accounts for non-customer transactions; sales-related report generation; payment receipt details; and much more.


Classes & Events

Skills & Levels: Keep Your Parents in the Know

Join us as we review the utilization of Skills and/or Levels in your Jackrabbit database. We demonstrate the setup of Skills, how to update Skills in Staff Portal, as well as review what the parent sees in the Parent Portal.


Events: Plan Your Special Occasions in Jackrabbit

In this webinar, we demonstrate how to create a calendar notice; how to create a standard event for multiple dates and times; how to create events for registration; how to add event legalese; and how to post your Events Calendar online.


Class Sessions: Create & Transition to a New Session

Even if you run perpetual classes, the use of Sessions can be beneficial for your business. Join us as we review what Sessions are, how they are created and used, and how you can easily transition from one Session to another without recreating all your existing classes from scratch. Experience how Sessions can be used to expand reporting options, including how to find previous students not currently enrolled.


Weekly Calendar: Command Central for Managing Classes

The Weekly Calendar displays a week-long calendar of classes and will allow you to view individual class details, create new classes, and register and enroll students directly from the calendar. Join us as we demonstrate the power behind the calendar and all that the calendar can enable you to do.


Online Integration

Web Registration & Parent Portal: Establish Your Business Online

Learn how use of the Web Registration Form and Parent Portal will optimize your interactions with potential and existing clients. This webinar will demonstrate the basic setup of the Web Registration Form and Parent Portal; review how to add them to your website; and give you an insider’s view of the Parent Portal.


Website Integration: Continuous Online Accessibility

In this webinar, we demonstrate how to integrate your Jackrabbit database with your organization’s website. We review integration options for your class listings tables (including filtering, sorting, and hiding columns), as well as how to link to your Web Registration form, your Parent Portal, your Staff Portal, and your Events calendar.

NOTE – This webinar assumes that your Web Registration form, Parent Portal, Staff Portal, and Events are ready for integration. Basic setup of those portions of your database will not be covered in this webinar. This webinar is geared towards those who update and add content to their website. Webmasters/developers are welcome.


Staff Portal, Time Clock, & Express Payroll

Staff Portal: Engage Your Staff & Families

The Jackrabbit Staff Portal is a secure place for your staff to view class schedules, record time worked, record attendance, and update student skills/levels. This webinar will review basic Staff Portal settings, including features for the time clock, attendance, lesson plans, and skills/levels. Learn how you can easily communicate with your staff and minimize the need for paper attendance sheets and time cards.


Time Clock: Efficient Payroll Management

Learn how to utilize the Jackrabbit Time Clock. This webinar will review how you can: Set up pay periods and departments; use time buffers, hour types, and time entry methods; track staff time entries; manage office staff, instructors, and salaried staff. Addition topics covered are: Approving time, exporting to payroll, closing pay periods, and spotting and correcting errors.


Save Time & Money by Integrating with Express Payroll

Join us as Sean Dever of Express Payroll discusses: Benefits of the Jackrabbit time clock; how the Jackrabbit time clock integrates with Express Payroll; new payroll hot topics (trends in overtime and taxes); how contractors and employees are managed; reports within Express Payroll that help analyze your payroll; and time & money savings using the Jackrabbit time clock and Express Payroll.


Recitals & Costumes

Costumes & Apparel: Increase Accuracy with Orders & Save Time

This webinar provides an overview of the Costume/Apparel module. Learn about adding new vendors; setting up size charts and auto-sizing; adding costumes to classes; posting deposits and balances; and much more!


Recitals: Plan & Coordinate Your Performances

This webinar demonstrates how the Recital module streamlines recital planning. You will explore how to build your own custom recitals in Jackrabbit and then use that data to organize programs, queue sheets, backstage sign in/out sheets, and more.


Recitals: Three BIG Ideas to Make Your Recital More Profitable

Is your dance studio making money on recitals? Most studios are turning recitals into profit centers. Yours can too! By working with studios to help them sell tickets to recitals, TutuTix has gained many insights into best practices for making recitals more profitable. This webinar shares three impactful strategies for making money on recitals. After viewing, you will have ideas that you can use to make your business better. This webinar also offers a quick demo of the TutuTix service and answers questions.


Jackrabbit Dance Full Service Training

Jackrabbit foundations

Ideal for clients who are new to Jackrabbit or just want to take it back to the beginning for a fresh start, Jackrabbit foundations covers top features and step-by-step instructions on how to start using them.


Jackrabbit LevelUP

Ready to take your Jackrabbit experience up a notch?! Join us virtually for our new LevelUP training. This session moves at a faster pace and allows time for discussions, networking, and a deeper hop into the Jackrabbit experience.

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