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Jackrabbit Dance lets you focus on what you love – dance. Our affordable dance studio management software delivers an efficient way to manage your studio business. You get to concentrate on students.

Jackrabbit has led the dance management software industry for more than a decade. We have the privilege of serving more than 5,000 customers. Why do they trust us with their business? With Jackrabbit, you manage online dance studio registration through a parent portal. Billing and payment processing are more automated. Other advantages include costume and recital management, QuickBooks interface and point-of-sale capabilities.

Built to be secure, our online platform keeps your data and information safe. Customers sleep soundly knowing our servers operate in the same datacenter as many of the world’s biggest banks.

You can even go green by eliminating paper waste. Everything is online, so there’s no paper. Plus, you can access Jackrabbit Dance software anytime and anywhere. Our mobile app makes communicating with families, students and staff very convenient. Instructors can even take attendance with a mobile phone. You can send text alerts, making communication more seamless.

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No matter the size of your studio, Jackrabbit Dance scales to fit your requirements. We offer affordable options for every studio size. As a company, we’re dedicated to providing the best possible experience to studio owners like you. It starts with user-friendly software and gets a boost from cheerful and available customer support.

We have a passion for helping your business succeed. Why? So you can prepare young people for a successful future. That’s why our customers keep using our software.

Getting started with our dance studio software is fast and easy. Video tutorials deliver expert training and tips you can use every day. Plus, our dedicated customer support team is ready and eager to help you through email, live chat and phone support.

Take advantage of our 30-day free trial period. It’s the perfect way to test our studio software platform for yourself. Get started by reviewing our Getting Started Guide. In six easy steps, you’re using the best dance studio software available. No credit card is required to start.

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Learn why more than 5,000 business owners already trust Jackrabbit for their schools.

Two Key Characteristics of Dance Studio Management Software

When it comes to dance studio management software, not all options are equally beneficial. You may be using free options for various features presently, and they could be costing you money in the long run. Even dance studio software that you pay for can fall short of offering you all the benefits that a high-quality dance studio software suite can offer. Below, we’ll focus specifically on the attributes that directly affect your dance studio, internally.

Streamlined Staff Management

As important as communication with parents may be, communication among staff members may be even more significant, when it comes to the level of professionalism and customer service which your dance studio is able to provide. Instead of relying on individual text messages, e-mails, and phone calls, a comprehensive software program will provide each team member access to information they need as well as multiple communication options. Jackrabbit Dance offers a unique staff portal through which you can allow staff members access to whatever aspects of your business that you deem necessary.

Through the staff portal, you can easily share announcements with whatever individual staff members or groups you desire, along with tracking of those communications. Staff members can receive communications when they’re available, and they’ll easily have access to their schedules and other important information at any time. This situation allows staff members to manage their own schedules without requiring your time and effort. When the staff portal includes a time clock tool that integrates with payroll software, the margin for error is reduced. (With manual time tracking, errors can account for up to 7% of total payroll cost, so automated time tracking can offer your dance studio considerable cost savings!)

Revenue-Related Tracking and Reporting

When a dance studio management software program offers payment processing, it’s not a major jump for it to offer revenue tracking as well. Make sure it offers point-of-sale payment processing to allow all information regarding revenue to be centralized. The most sophisticated solutions will also allow you to set various fee structures for different kinds of activities (such as recurring classes and one-time competitions).

As a dance studio manager, you’ll also appreciate a management software program that easily allows you to view important revenue information, such as past-due fees and predictions of future revenue based on class registration trends. With Jackrabbit Dance software, you’ll be able to see those kinds of details on your “dashboard,” the first screen which you see each time you log in. Thanks to robust reporting features, you’ll be able to easily assess current trends and make plans for the future.

In short, you want your dance studio management software to complement your office manager’s prowess at making your dance studio operations run smoothly. A well-run dance studio is a happy place as well as more profitable business. You’ll only be able to maximize its features if your chosen software also offers excellent training and support, so go ahead and add top-notch customer service to your growing list of characteristics.

Learn more about our Dance Studio Management Software. View the powerful features of Jackrabbit Dance and try a customized live demo.

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Benefits of Online Registration for Your Dance Studio, Part 1

If you’re considering the switch to online registration with Jackrabbit Dance you may be wondering if making that change will be worthwhile. After all, change is hard, even if the new way promises to make life easier. Many Jackrabbit users who have decided to make the switch consider it a complete “game changer” for their dance studio! Jenn Buckton of Turning Pointe Academy of Dance is one of many happy Jackrabbit users who consider online registration to be a real turning point in their operations.

Why is it such a significant step? Here are a few key ways.

Perk #1: Accurate & Timely Information

Here’s what Jenn has to say about this: “Online registration makes the process a one and done event. Parents enter all information so completeness and accuracy of their information is in their hands — not in the hands of our staff.”

In addition to having details like contact information and payment preferences entered correctly, online registrations offer updates in real time, lessening frustration and confusion. Instead of taking the risk that classes will become overbooked and then trying to discern which children were truly registered first, online registration allows for real time updates and automatic responses, so parents know immediately whether their children successfully made it into their chosen classes.

Perk #2: Simplified & Streamlined Processes

With online registration, your dance studio’s management team will have far fewer issues to oversee, freeing them up for more significant endeavors. By simplifying the process and reducing the paperwork, the administrative load typically associated with the registration process will be greatly reduced. Instead of complicated filing systems and check sheets, Jackrabbit will quickly assimilate information, which you can easily view online or print into an easy-to-understand report.

Perk #3: Time for More Important Things

With parents entering their own information, your staff stands to save a lot of time! Just imagine: No more arduous and time-consuming data entry and filing. Before they switched to online registration with Jackrabbit, managers at Turning Pointe Dance Academy report having staff members spend between 5 and 7 hours per day, for 2 full weeks, processing registrations. They also had to confirm and process payments for up to an additional 2 weeks. Now, the entire process takes only 2 hours to complete. According to Jenn Buckton, that time is significant as her staff begins the season: “We can use the four weeks that online registration gives us back for planning and strategy. We actually have time to relax before the craziness of the season sets in.”

While those three perks are certainly significant, they’re not the only ones! Continue reading with Part 2 below to discover even more benefits to using online registration with Jackrabbit Dance.

Learn more about our Dance Studio Management Software. View the powerful features of Jackrabbit Dance and try a customized live demo.

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Benefits of Online Registration for Your Dance Studio, Part 2

Many happy Jackrabbit users consider online registration to be a pivotal step in their business growth. The cloud-based management software Jackrabbit Dance offers this potentially game-changing alternative to old school registration, potentially giving your dance studio staff the kind of edge you may not realize is possible. We already looked at 3 significant benefits above which online registration offers:

• Accurate & Timely Information
• Simplified & Streamlined Processes
• Time for More Important Things

Believe it or not, the benefits of switching to online registration with Jackrabbit Dance don’t even end there! Let’s check out a few more specific perks that Jackrabbit customers report.

Perk #4: Enthusiastic Parents

Maybe you’ve been thinking that the perks we’ve already mentioned sound great for your dance studio team, but you’re not sure how parents will respond — after all, they’re pretty much doing the work for you, right? Today’s parents are used to doing business online, and inserting contact and payment information into an app is actually often quicker than handwriting it on forms.

Not only do parents appreciate the convenience of the online portal, but they also love freeing up their schedules, since they no longer need to attend an in-person registration event in order to secure their children’s spots in dance classes. The instant gratification of receiving immediate confirmation that their children have been registered for their desired classes also adds value in the minds of parents.

Perk #5: Added Flexibility

Jackrabbit Dance allows your dance studio to easily incorporate additional steps into the registration process. Important added forms, such as waivers or policy changes, can easily be added, allowing parents to quickly click through them. You’ll have records of those acknowledgements readily available.

Unique situations can also be accommodated through the robust Jackrabbit Dance registration platform. From permission slips for teens to online-only events, you can tailor forms and payment processing for just about any situation.

If you offer discounts or need to have a certain account prorated due to a move or some other unusual circumstance, Jackrabbit can handle that, too.

Perk #6: Accessibility and Transparency

Sure, you’re willing to give parents of prospective new dancers the information they desire. But not only does that require time and effort on the part of you or your staff, but it also requires parents to initiate the conversation. Jackrabbit Dance helps make it easy for new dance families to find out details about the dance classes you offer — as well as for long-time dance families to see the information they need. The increased accessibility and professionalism that Jackrabbit Dance offers simply can’t be overstated.

Whenever you decide to start your online registration with Jackrabbit Dance, you’ll never want to go back to your old school ways.

Learn more about our Dance Studio Management Software. View the powerful features of Jackrabbit Dance and try a customized live demo.

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