Utilizing Online Registration to Make Summer Camp Sign-Ups More Efficient

It’s that time of the year again. For many young dancers, school is finally out for Summer and recital season is coming to a close, but for dance studio owners Summer break means one thing, Summer camps!

Every dance studio owner knows just how much work goes into running a successful Summer dance camp. From organizing schedules and creating curriculums to administrative work and even teaching classes, studio owners have a lot of responsibilities during these hot months.

When it comes to registering new students for your upcoming summer camps, you can’t help but ask “Wouldn’t it be a little easier if parents could take care of their dancer’s registration themselves?” Spoiler alert, the answer is yes! 

When you utilize online registration with dance studio management software, you can save yourself and your staff the time and hassle of registering each and every dancer in person. Online registration also opens up better opportunities for communication with parents, keeps your finances more organized and allows you to worry less about the sign-up process and focus more on doing what you love.

Want to know how? Let’s explore some ways that utilizing online registration will make your Summer camp sign-ups more efficient!

Way More Convenience

Convenience is the first and most significant draw of switching to online registration for many studio owners. Parents can sit down and go through the process of registering for Summer camps from anywhere, at any time, from their computer or using your custom-branded mobile app. It gets rid of the need for paperwork, and long phone calls, and helps reduce any miscommunications along the way. Think about when Summer camp registration opens for you. Now imagine it without the constantly ringing phone and congested front desk area filled with parents trying to get their dancers signed up for the right camp. It sounds better, right?

It also adds a layer of accessibility for anyone who may not be able to make it to your studio to signup in person. It’s a great way to accommodate anyone who needs it and makes registration easier, faster, and way less hectic for everyone.

Save on Time and Resources

Parents aren’t the only ones who benefit from the upgrade. Manually entering the information from registration forms takes time, and sifting through folders takes even more. If your front office staff doesn’t have to worry about registering each and every dancer by hand, think how much time it saves them to focus on other responsibilities around your studio! The accuracy of the information in each registration also has a better chance of being higher than if one or two people have to input every dance student. 

Security Made Easier

If parents are registering their students online, the risk of any sort of payment mishandling or misplacement drops dramatically. Parents can pay their invoice digitally as soon as it’s sent, which makes it easier for them and you! It goes beyond just financial safety though. When you use online registration, your customers and your studio’s data is safe and accessible from any device you decide to use. That means no need to worry about loss of access to a specific computer in your office or damage to any physical files and paperwork you might keep. The cloud has you covered on this one.

Better Communication

Need to change the start dates of an upcoming camp? That might be hard to do if you’ve sent dancers home with a printout schedule alone. Online dance management software makes it easy to communicate with parents whether they’ve just signed up or you need to send out a quick reminder to them before your Summer camp starts tomorrow. It also works for staff! If you’ve had a change of plans, or policies or just want to thank your team for all of their hard work, communicating just gets a little easier.

Whether you want to make the switch for a streamlined registration process, a better customer experience, or you just want to spend a little more time dancing and less doing paperwork, using an online registration system and studio management software can make a world of difference when it comes to Summer camps at your dance studio. Helping you work more efficiently and reach your goals easier is where Jackrabbit Dance shines.

Don’t just take our word for it though, sign up for a free trial and see how Jackrabbit Dance can help your dance studio and streamline your registrations for Summer camps and beyond.

About the Author:

With experience in children’s entertainment and a love for writing, Christian is always looking for exciting ways to spread the word about Jackrabbit and just how much of a game-changer it can be for youth activity centers. As a member of Jackrabbit’s Marketing team, Christian works on introducing Jackrabbit to new people and keeping them informed on the latest and greatest through social media, webinars and more. In their free time, you can find them cooking or writing music!

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