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10 Costuming Tips for Dance Studio Owners

The new season is rolling, and, in a corner, you likely have a growing stack of costume catalogs. When determining your studio’s costumes for this year’s performances, keep the following 10 tips in mind:

  1. Culture: Make sure your costumes fit into the culture and vibe of your studio. Whether you make the costume choices or you allow input from staff members, know that a cohesive look that reflects your brand is necessary in perpetuating your studio’s vision and reputation.
  1. Consistency: In order to avoid sizing issues, implement a system that works for your studio for measurements, size translations, and orders. Communicate the standards and expectations in advance to make sure everyone is working together towards success!
  1. Preview: Know your order. Take the time to visit a costume preview or trunk show. It is important to know that you can confidently back the product you are purchasing for your clients.
  1. Perks: Compare the benefits of purchasing from varying costume companies. Consider their discount structure, customer service, packing options, and shipping guarantees. Pick a company that will fulfill the needs of your studio and exceed your expectations.
  1. Payment: Only order costumes that are paid in full by the payment due date (unless the family has made a special arrangement).
  1. Details: Check and re-check (and re-check again) your order. When purchasing in bulk, it is easy to make errors. Implement several checkpoints to guarantee all costumes are ordered for students and classes.
  1. Excitement: Once your costumes are selected, make a display to build excitement with your clients!
  1. Sort: In sorting costumes, be thorough and detailed. Make sure every piece of every costume arrives and is appropriately labeled.
  1. Presentation: Present the costumes with polish and prestige to the students and parents. The garment bags are a great asset- we include tights, so we include the tights in the garment bag, too. This allows each routine to be “fully costumed” in one bag, making it super easy for the parents!
  1. Have fun: Costuming is fun, but if the process is not organized, it can be a stressful headache. Start early, plan ahead, and be prepared! Your end product will be amazing!

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