10 Features You Should Be Using

Time always seems to be hard to find, especially when you own a business. We understand your busy lifestyle and are here to help. This is a list of the top 10 features you should be using in Jackrabbit for your class management. These features will help save you time and streamline your business operations.

1. Time Clock – manage staff hours
Track staff hours by department with different pay rates, compare scheduled hours to actual hours worked, and approve time with the time clock. Having all of your employees in one place that you can access anywhere is a huge benefit. Use this tool to keep an eye on your employees to see how many hours they are scheduled to work and how many they are recording.
View training videos here.

2. Point of Sale – track your inventory
Checkout is smooth, secure and convenient for you and your customers with this feature. The point of sale will keep track of your inventory and will notify you when the quantity is low. This feature really speeds up your line at the front desk and allows you to sell more swag.
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3. Online Registration & Parent Portal – parents love it
Our customers tell us they love this feature the most because it allows their customers to register and get information online anytime. With technology becoming such a big part of our daily lives, offering online registration is becoming expected from your customers. Offering 24/7 access to sign up, pay bills, and edit their account information is what parents love.
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4. Post Tuition Fees – they know what they owe
Late charges, competition, recital, registration and other fees are displayed and payment can be accepted online.  No more running around chasing customers for cash and checks. Keep it all online to make sure everybody is on the same page. No more phone calls asking how much their bill is or what each class costs.
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5. Recurring Billing  – get paid faster
Having the ability to charge all of your customer’s credit cards on file will save you time and probably a headache or two. Fully integrated PCI-compliant processing is available for one-time or recurring payments. Using ePayments gets you paid in the click of a button.
View training videos here.

6. Skills Tracking – keep parents in the know
Document the skill level, progress, and any other notes for your records. Allows families to view this information through the parent portal to keep up with their children. Keep everybody on the same page with different skill levels and what classes each student is ready for.
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7. Mass Email – speedy and efficient communication
Communicate with your customers and potential customers with email marketing to evolve beyond the competition. Share what your business is doing and show your personality to them through mass emailing through Jackrabbit.
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8. Attendance Tracking – synchronized roll sheets
Throw away the clipboards and notebooks and go paperless by recording attendance with Jackrabbit. No more hours dedicated to data entry – your records are automatically updated as you go.
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9. Recital & Apparel Management – a huge time saver
Keep up with all the moving parts of costume ordering and planning recitals. Tracking sizes and organizing performances has never been so easy. Manage all of the details, songs, performers, and programs in one place for your recitals.
View recital module training videos here.
View apparel module training videos here.

10.The Lead File – pay less for Jackrabbit
Save contact information for any prospective or previous student to market and communicate with them. Your Jackrabbit subscription is based off of the number of total students, which can be active or inactive. By moving inactive student information to the Lead File, your total number of students will go down which means you would pay less for Jackrabbit.
View training videos here.

Start using these features to make the most out of your Jackrabbit subscription and streamline your business operations!

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