6 Tips for Relaxing In the Midst of Studio Chaos

You know that taking time to relax is a necessary part of taking care of yourself. But you don’t know how to find time to do it. You have classes, rehearsals, competitions, recitals and all of the stress that they bring. You probably don’t have more than a couple of minutes to spare between activities – and in those few minutes there is no way you can do the things that normally come to mind as stress reducers. How awesome would it be if you could condense the benefits of a relaxing bath into a two-minute break? Unfortunately, we can’t tell you how to do that little miracle, but we can give you six proven tips for grabbing relaxation snippets in the midst of your busy schedule.

Tip #1:

Distract yourself with cuteness. If you think looking at those cute puppy pictures is a waste of time, think again. It turns out that looking at such cuteness – even for just a couple of minutes – can help you to focus when you go back to your work.

Tip #2

Enjoy a face misting. You can get two benefits in one with this one since cucumber-scented spray can reduce anxiety and hydrate your skin in just seconds.

Tip #3

Find your pressure point. This point is easy to find using your thumb! Apply pressure to the spot where your wrist and palm form a crease – directly in line with your pinkie. Hold gently and massage for just two minutes.

Tip #4

Inhale as you sip. Tea can work wonders when you simply inhale its aromas as you sip it. And it doesn’t have to be chamomile. Passionflower, valerian root, and Siberian ginseng are also known for their calming properties.

Tip #5

Listen to how you’re breathing. You’ve heard people say “Take a breath” when someone is stressed or upset. This really works. Taking a moment to connect to your breathing may be the easiest and fastest way to relieve anxiety. It doesn’t take a full-on meditation session to work wonders. Practicing slow, deep breathing can help lower blood pressure and reduce stress.

Tip #6

Make smarter snack choices. Since stress brings on cravings of sweet, crunchy and salty foods, make sure you bring smart choices that satisfy these cravings with you so you won’t grab the easy candy bar or bag of chips in the vending machine. You can healthily feed your sweet, crunchy, salty crave with homemade trail mix (watch out for the sugar, sodium and fat levels in pre-packaged ones), baby carrots or a piece of fresh fruit.

Go ahead and plan your relaxing soak for the evening and a rejuvenating massage for the weekend. Plan to enjoy an unhurried dinner with your family and unwind on your porch listening to the birds chirp in the nearby trees. But while you’re dealing with the crazy schedule in your studio, try our quick tips to release stress in new ways.

Source: Pointe Magazine, RealSimple Magazine

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