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NEW: Lead File Saves Enrollment and Skills

Our Development Team is at it again! We are happy to announce a new enhancement to the Lead File that we hope you will enjoy.
When a family is archived to the Lead File, the enrollment and skills (both old and new skills) history will also be archived! This information is viewable from the lead file and is re-instated when the family is restored from the lead file.
If you have been hesitant to use the Lead File, we encourage you to give this a try. Information about enrollment and skills is important to have and we are streamlining the process of saving that information for you and potentially reducing your Jackrabbit subscription fee.
The Lead File helps clean up your database as well. As your business uses this software for your operations, students are getting older and might not be attending classes anymore. Maybe they’re off in college! The Lead File was built for you to keep up with these folks who have taken classes at your business. Our Support Team can help answer questions about the Lead File. You can start a quick chat, request a callback, or submit a ticket through the Support button in your database.
The Lead File can now:
1. Save the enrollment and skills info when the student is moved to the lead file (instead of deleting it).
2. Enrollment and skills information are viewable in the lead file.
3. When a student is restored from the Lead File, enrollment and skills are also restored and can be seen in the newly re-instated student.
Note: This only affects families moved to the Lead File from November 10, 2015 going forward.  Any families moved prior, Jackrabbit has already deleted that info. Historical Enrollment Reporting has not been updated to include families moved to the Lead File.
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