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NEW: Texting from Jackrabbit

We’re thrilled to announce our latest enhancement – mass texting from Jackrabbit! This has been a very popular request and we have been working hard to make sure it is easy to set up, user friendly, and of course – a time saver! There are a few things we’d like you to understand before you start. Visit our Help Center to find a full set of directions with screenshots.

  1. The texting through Jackrabbit will be done through a 3rd party – Plivo. This company will send the texts to your customers, but you will be able to do everything through Jackrabbit. You will need to set up an account with Plivo to start. Jackrabbit will not charge you any additional fees for using this feature, but Plivo will charge 2 cents per text message sent. A customer can reply text and you will receive it in the form of an email, but they can opt out of texts by replying ‘stop.’ Watch a video here.
  2. After your account is set up with Plivo, you will link it to your Jackrabbit database. Go to Tools > Edit Settings > Text Messaging to see the info you need to copy over.
  3. In order for your customers and/or staff to receive text messages, they will all need to opt-in. We have set up an email template for you to send to your contacts, students and instructors that you can find in Tools > Edit Email Templates. It’s the “135 Text Messaging” template. [More info here.]
  4. Texting is set up just like emailing in Jackrabbit. You can select the group of customers, classes, staff, etc. to send to. For step by step instructions visit our Help Center.

Jackrabbit allows several options on how to Opt-In Contacts and Students. Click Here for further information on ways to Opt-in.

  • Once you have received permission by Opting in your intended recipients you are ready to begin composing your text message. Jackrabbit text messaging is intended to facilitate urgent and timely communication between your organization and your customers. It is not intended as a general marketing tool. Texting has very strict regulations on use governed by the FCC, CTIA and MMA, you should review the guidelines below.
  • DO NOT USE text messaging for marketing. Avoid marketing phrases like “Congratulations”, “Buy Now”, “Sale Today Only,” etc.
  • Avoid dollar amounts or other symbols that might indicate marketing. ($199, Buy Now!, 20% off, etc.)
  • Do not add “Reply STOP”.
  • Minimize the number of messages per day. Too many messages will not only annoy customers but may trigger a carrier to block your sending phone number permanently.

The following words and symbols are not allowed: $, %, buy, sale, free, stop
Failure to adhere to these guidelines can result in your sending phone number being blocked and possibly account closure. Mobile carriers are very strict about SMS spam.

Other things to do:

-Run the Telephone Listing Report to see who does not have a cell phone number listed in their account. Sort on the Cell Phone column to bring the empty fields to the top

-Have each family double check the cell phone numbers listed are accurate. They can all go into their Parent Portal to edit this.

Read our Texting Best Practices here.

Note: Texting requires permission from the intended recipient to ensure compliance with federal and industry regulations. Sending unwanted texts can result in the sending phone number being blocked by carriers. All legal responsibilities related to texting are the sole responsibility of the organization. Read more here.

Questions? Leave a message for us in the comments.

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