Top Reasons to Take Payments Online

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ePayments and eCommerce may be new words to you. They can be intimidating, confusing, or something you don’t have time to figure out. Many of Jackrabbit’s customers have switched to taking online payments despite the obstacles and fears they’ve faced. You aren’t alone if the thought of taking payments from your customers online is frightening! And […]

7 Tips for Keeping Your Email from Becoming a Time Sink

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We’ve all done it: opened our inbox at 8 am just to check a few emails before getting on a 10 am conference call. Suddenly a text awakes us from our email comma asking “Aren’t you getting on this call?” Wow! It’s 10 am already! How does it happen? One thing leads to another. Rabbit […]

Negative Tuition Fees Changes

Jackrabbit Tips & Tricks

When negative tuition fees are calculated in Post Tuition Fees or Post Tuition Fees by Total Hours, users will see an alert at the top of the page and the negative fee’s font is turned red.

Clear Mission Statement Drives Success

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The importance of sticking to its Mission Statement became abundantly clear to Spindrift School of Performing Arts’ Keira Robalino as she did some historical tracking for the organization. She found that the organization’s level of success over the past 21 years was directly proportional to how closely it aligned hiring, planning and programs with the […]

Time Clock Enhancements

Jackrabbit Tips & Tricks

Settings Allow Multiple Department Managers The Add Department and Edit Department modals now allow multiple managers to be selected. Approve/Unapprove Time (which restricts access to departments to only the dept managers and users with the permission to see all departments), was updated to follow the multiple managers change.     My Time Card Has Added […]

from Patti Komara

Bunnies eating carrots. Fluffle Wisdom

We asked Patti Komara (Patti’s All American and The Tumblebear Connection) what her thoughts are on this notable motivational quote: ‘Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear — not absence of fear.’  — Mark Twain Patti’s response: “I believe that every person might fear starting a business. It just doesn’t have to be fearful. A successful business takes three […]

Little Ones and Recitals: Tips for Keeping Your Sanity

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It’s a joy teaching the little ones, right? They’re just so stinking cute in their little leotards and tutus. The teacher in you is thrilled when you see their faces light up at accomplishing even the smallest skill. But then there is recital time. With everything else going on in a recital, handling the young […]

Your Studio Should Act Like a Business Too

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Jackrabbit is built on the belief that every studio owner needs to adhere to good business practices or they simply aren’t going to be able to prosper as business people and fuel their life’s passions. In fact, it was our founders’ passion to make the business end of running a studio so effortless and cost-efficient […]

How to Healthily Motivate Students

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The culture of your business is important. It’s what people talk about – and word of mouth is still an impactful advertising [positive or negative]. Having a healthy motivational atmosphere can affect performance effort of your students but can also impact their long term participation in the activity. What if a student came in and was […]

Setting Up Camps with Per Day Classes

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Preparing for the summer camp season can never start too early. We have an enhancement that will make registration for camps easier. “Per day” classes are available for you to set up your camps through. What this means is, a parent registering online has the ability to choose which days their child will come to […]

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