Unlimited Concurrent Users

Jackrabbit Tips & Tricks

Starting April 1, 2016, you will no longer have a limit to the amount of users logged into your Jackrabbit database at one time. We call these concurrent users. You can now have an unlimited amount of user ids and concurrent users for no additional charge. Until April 1, 2016, you have been given a […]

Keeping Dancers Challenged

Happy Dancers exited for class.

Challenge keeps us fresh and inspires continuous learning. But sometimes it may not seem that your dancers continuously feel challenged. We’ve been looking and listening to some ways that you can challenge dancers to think on their feet and that dancers themselves can keep the challenge alive in their heads. Let’s first look at ways […]

from Jeff Lulla

Bunnies eating carrots. Fluffle Wisdom

We asked Jeff Lulla (Founder and President of Fun & Fit Gymnastics) what his thoughts are on this notable quote: ‘The risk of a wrong decision is preferable to the terror of indecision.’  — Maimonides Jeff’s response: “The perception of risk and fear can be paralyzing.  So much so, that some people won’t make a […]

Parents Provide Invaluable Support to Dance Studio

Case Study

If you perceive the role of studio parents to be dominated by providing transportation to and from classes and paying the bills, you’re mistaken. In years of interviewing and visiting customers, we’ve heard and seen many ways that parents get involved in the activities of their little dancers. From daddy-daughter dances, mom’s muffin mornings and […]

Jackrabbit Technologies One of Greater Charlotte’s Future 50 Award Winners

In the News

SmartCEO Magazine Honors Jackrabbit for Outsized Growth Among Region’s Mid-sized Companies  Jackrabbit Technologies, leading provider of online class management software for youth activities centers, was recently recognized as a 2016 Future 50 Awards winner. The program recognizes Charlotte’s 50 fastest-growing mid-sized companies that have experienced outsized growth based on a combined three-year average of revenue […]

Avoiding Procrastination

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Avoid Procrastination We’re all familiar with procrastination. It’s why we sometimes squander away our time – even when we know a deadline is looming – and risk causing ourselves undue panic and stress. Even dancers – a pretty disciplined group – can fall prey to procrastination. Perhaps it’s the dreamer part of the dancer psyche […]

Statements Have New Options that Simplify Use

Jackrabbit Tips & Tricks

Statements-Print Adds Return Address and Print/Format Option Statements-Print currently only uses the family’s location address as the return address. However, for orgs who teach classes in other business’ locations, this can cause a problem because our client’s ‘office’ isn’t where the classes are being taught. We’ve added a print/format option for “Return Address” so an […]

Partnership with Mobile Inventor Offers Streamlined Access to Class and Student Data in Custom Mobile Apps

In the News

Jackrabbit’s newly-forged partnership with Mobile Inventor has awesome benefits for customers of both companies. “Creating a solid partnership streamlines things for customers when it comes to offering mobile apps that simplify doing business with children’s centers for parents.” “The apps offer benefits to organizations and parents – simplifying some of the most important processes that […]

6 Tips for Competition Season

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Competition season is an exciting part of the year, but can definitely have its challenges. If only the focus were on the dancers knowing their choreography! When things like costume altering, creating props, teaching parents how to do hair and make up, and performing well at the competition come into play, things can get hectic. […]

Clock Offers New “Here Now” Report

Jackrabbit Tips & Tricks

Jackrabbit users didn’t have an easy way to see which staff are currently clocked in and it was a common request. We’ve added a new report under the Clock menu called Here Now Report. This displays all staff that have a Time In but don’t have a Time Out. A new user permission was added […]

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