Getting The Pointe

A dancer standing on tip of her right toes.

It happened in the fall of 1983. My first pair of pointe shoes. They were pink. And I mean a bright, gleaming true ballet pink. The brand was Capezio Pavlova, and they were packaged in a sleek black box covered with white stars that truly seemed to sparkle as I carefully removed the lid. A […]

Mom, Can We Talk?

In the News

“Mom, can we talk?” she mutters as she slowly begins descending the stairs. Oh, mercy me! My mind races. This could be about anything. Is someone teasing her at school? Maybe ballet frustrations. Or perhaps she has something to confess. And then it begins to register. A quiver that can’t be heard, but one I […]

Residentially Yours: Summer Intensive Living

Health & Fitness

AUDIO BLOG. We are inching even closer. By now you are preparing to head out to your chosen summer intensive while composing a what to pack list. Have you shopped for new tights and leotards? What about perusing new bedding for your dorm room? While in prep mode, enjoy this note from your residence director. A bit […]

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