Residentially Yours: Summer Intensive Living

AUDIO BLOG. We are inching even closer. By now you are preparing to head out to your chosen summer intensive while composing a what to pack list. Have you shopped for new tights and leotards? What about perusing new bedding for your dorm room? While in prep mode, enjoy this note from your residence director. A bit of perspective, a few helpful tips, and your summer intensive is sure to get started on the right foot!

Residentially Yours: Summer Intensive Living

The day is nearing. Summer intensive classes begin in a few short weeks. Move-in day is right around the corner. So grab your boxes, bags and ballet gear and let’s get packing!

As your residential director, my goal is to create a positive community atmosphere within your home away from home. Your residence life should complement your artistic experience. I am here to help with your personal and artistic growth.

Here is some pertinent information to help you start off this exciting summer intensive on the right foot.

“Treating each one with the utmost respect will go a long way.”

Think of your summer intensive like a performance. In a production you have the stage crew, wardrobe, orchestra, teachers and dancers. Each member is vital to the team. Without one, the performance will not go over very smoothly. During your summer training, you will interact with the “crew” that makes your summer happen — your residential staff and teachers, as well as facilities and administrative staff, fellow dancers, and of course, you! Each individual plays an important role in your summer program. Treating each one with the utmost respect will go a long way.

Safety is the residential team’s priority #1. Whether you are coming from a rural community or a metropolitan area, remember to always be mindful of your surroundings.

During your summer training, you may experience homesickness. We have all been there or probably will be at some point in our life. Should you get it, we are ready to help you through it. Share your feelings with your residence assistant. Do not just throw in the towel and decide to go home. You will miss out on one of the most wonderful training opportunities, not to mention making new friends! Give yourself a chance to adjust to your new environment. At minimum, two weeks. More often than not, once you have reached that benchmark you will no longer even consider going home.

With close quarters and busy schedules issues with roommates may occur. Remember, they are just that. Issues. They are not show stoppers. If something comes up that you feel you cannot handle, you have our commitment that we will provide you with the necessary tools to address the situation. Remember summer intensives are about more than just dancing. Through interaction with your peers, you will develop interpersonal skills that will last you a lifetime.

Let’s talk about packing. I do get a chuckle on move-in day — especially when I see students wearing, well, let’s just say less than sensible shoes. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and sneakers. You do not want to be running up and down flights of stairs in flip-flops. Neither fun, nor safe! Carefully tape your boxes shut or use plastic bins with lids. I have seen many a student trying to track down A shoe or A pair of tights that went missing in the shuffle.

I am sure you will find The Essentials: Packing & Planning List on very helpful during your preparation. You will settle in much faster if you take a few minutes now to get organized and prepared for the reason you are here: To dance!

My residential team and I are here to ensure that you have the best, most positive experience during your summer intensive. Should you have any concerns, do not struggle silently alone. Reach out to the residential team. We are here to help.

Now, start packing and get ready for one incredible summer!

Residentially yours.

Writer’s Note: Social media is an excellent way to stay in touch. Connect with Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet on Facebook and on Twitter (CPYBallet). #CPYBsummer

About the Author:

I’m Paige – a wife, mom, former Pacific Northwest Ballet dancer, and now blogger. I was fortunate enough to dance with PNB for eight fantastic years. It was a dream come true to dance for such a highly regarded company that’s respected worldwide for its artistic excellence. Unfortunately, my career came to an unexpected end in 2000 due to injury. I went on to earn a degree in fashion marketing and work as an assistant buyer of women’s and junior clothing for Macy’s. Throughout my career, I met some of the most incredible friends, danced with unbelievable talent, and got reacquainted with the love of my life. That love is now my husband who also happens to be CPYB’s chief executive officer, Nicholas Ade. Following a most memorable ballet career and marrying my soul mate, we expanded our family…the most amazing child that daily redefines the word love in our eyes (of course, I’m not biased at all!). Then there is Tina. Our dachshund that thinks she’s human and offers up such unconditional love and loyalty, but packs a punch with her ‘protective’ bark. I’m still incredibly passionate about this wonderful, and sometimes crazy, world of ballet! I’m taking on this blog to develop a place to share ballet experiences and insights. We’ll tackle an array of topics and have great guest bloggers. So, grab your shoes and let’s take some steps together!

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