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Behind The Scenes of Jackrabbit’s New Look

A new look is coming for Jackrabbit this summer as our developers transform the aesthetics of the software. We are excited for the makeover and hope that you are too! Change is good, but can be intimidating so we want to make sure your questions or concerns are addressed.

The functionality and navigation will not change. From adding a student to running a report, the way you use Jackrabbit will be the same. The features, menus, buttons, etc. will all be in their original places. We expect there to be no learning curve with the new user interface.

You will not have to do anything to see the new look. Our developers will ‘unlock’ your database to the new user interface. When you login after your database has been unlocked, you will automatically see the color changes.

In case you’re wondering why we’re doing this, we are doing it for you. The new user interface is easy on the eyes and will make working in your database more pleasant. The new modern style is being adopted by big brands all around the world. Jackrabbit strives to keep a smart, intuitive design and this new look 100% supports that. Colors are a powerful tool for your brand – take Facebook for example. Have you ever wondered why it’s blue? This article by Fast Company explains colors to the tee. Choose your colors wisely – they can be a deal breaker or maker!

Please let us know if you have any questions!

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