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Founded in 2006, South Carolina Christian Dance Theater [SCCDT] began with 30 young students, and a dream to provide quality dance training with in a Christian setting and focus. They have grown in classroom studio space, students and knowledge of how to dance for a purpose other than themselves. SCCDT has grown quickly to be a place where over 200 families come to dance each week. They have a performing company “Dance Radiance” who dance regionally in churches and community events.

Founder, Cynthia Dewar, has a love for ballet and the rewards of teaching. In 2013, she took her first group of dancers to South America on a dance mission trip. She wondered for a while if this was something the studio could be able to offer. After a large interest in students, she went for it and hasn’t looked back.

Cynthia has taken two groups of dancers to South America and South Africa through World Mission Center. They taught hundreds of local students different dance techniques and choreography during their stay. These people were able to teach dance all across South America and South Africa with the knowledge SCCDT shared.

SCCDT in Guyana training sessions

After talking with Cynthia, I could feel the passion she has for ministry and serving others. She explained that when you get out of your comfort zone and see how people live outside of the conveniences and things we take for granted in the US, you realize how blessed you are.

“The rest of the world lives in a different way. You realize how blessed you are and helps you realize what you have to offer. To be able to give hope and send a message of love while teaching a skill we’ve learned is amazing.” -Cynthia Dewar

Seeing the impact this trip had on her students has inspired her to continue this annually. After her students experienced this different way of life, their worldview changed. What they thought of their surroundings on a daily basis would never be the same. It also changed their perspective on the future of dance for their own life. They now view dance as joy and can be used as a tool to share with others; being successful doesn’t mean you have to end up on the stage in New York. They are already successful.

Mission trips were not part of Cynthia’s plan when she opened the studio. That’s the beauty of it.

“It has been the biggest journey and most amazing, tiring, wonderful, exhilarating experience to step into this.”

Want to learn more? Contact Cynthia through her website or ask your questions in the comments.

[We asked about fundraising and that was a great discussion, too! Raising thousands of dollars for the group to go to South America and South Africa has challenges, but they have made it work every time.]

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