How To Leverage Jackrabbit Dance For Parent Communication


Communication with your customers starts the second they learn about your dance studio. From social media, newsletters, welcome emails, or your regular communication with families – information can come from many different platforms.  When it comes to communicating, some people may say you can never communicate too much. Whatever your belief may be, regular communication […]

A Parent’s Guide To Your First Dance Competition


What’s one thing most dancers have in common before stepping onto the stage for their first dance competition? They all need that ‘special someone’ to help calm their nerves.  Dance competition season is here. Whether you’re a parent, friend or supportive teacher, you’ve watched your dancer practice and prepare for this very moment. You know […]

Dance Lessons Develop Qualities You’ll Appreciate for a Lifetime

Lessons that last a lifetime. Female dancer dancing in a studio.

Those adults of us who took dance as kids probably realize the four areas that I’m about to discuss that support the statement that dance has benefits for athletes in other sports. In fact, what I share also quickly answers the “Does dance class make one a better athlete?” question with “yes.” What I’m going […]

How Does Dance Improve Health and Teamwork?

How Dance improves health & teamwork.

What’s one thing you can to do collectively boost your mood, productivity and physical health? Hint: Everyone can do it. Answer: Dancing! According to Dance psychologist Peter Lovatt, Ph.D., Regardless of whether you practice law or teach children in an extracurricular setting, routine dance breaks can provide a refresh that improves almost everything such as […]

The Best Foods to Include on a Dancer’s Snack List

The Dancers Snack List

Dance uses up a lot of energy and burns a lot of calories, making what your dancers eat super important in helping them master their art. Certain foods give dancers’ bodies the nutrients they need at specific times. These foods help them perform at high levels and can help them recover from an intense class […]

Teen Peer Pressure Just One Stressor for Dancers


Kindergarten’s recess games and favorite colors in the crayon box may be plenty of pressure for young ones, but that is nothing compared to the teen peer pressure that your dancers maybe feeling from not just their friends – but from all sorts of angles. Many people may not even consider dancing to be competitive. […]

Classroom Viewing Etiquette

In the News

Let’s face it, one of life’s greatest joys is watching our children grow and learn everyday, and the dance studio is no exception. Being a mom myself, I understand the happiness you feel when you see your child learn a new skill, but we must do so in a manner that can allow our children […]

Why I Drive an Hour Each Way for My Daughter to Take Dance Lessons

Young dancers at Miss Kathryns Friday Preschool

This testimonial is awesome! We wanted to share with our readers at JackrabbitDance to share how impactful testimonials are. Driving an hour each way is a big time commitment, but parents are willing to go the extra mile for their children.    Angela Floyd and the staff at AFS are the reason our 5 yr […]

More Evidence That Children Need the Outdoors

Smiling child dancing in the rain.

Seems that I’m seeing more and more evidence that children who spend more time inside in front of any type of screen have issues whether they be weight and fitness, sleep, allergy, social skills, attention span (I could go on and on)… and now eye sight issues. It’s quite obvious to me that getting outside […]

Parents Provide Invaluable Support to Dance Studio

Case Study

If you perceive the role of studio parents to be dominated by providing transportation to and from classes and paying the bills, you’re mistaken. In years of interviewing and visiting customers, we’ve heard and seen many ways that parents get involved in the activities of their little dancers. From daddy-daughter dances, mom’s muffin mornings and […]

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