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Online Options Give Dance Studio Distinct Competitive Advantage

Synergy Dance Academy

Jackrabbit gives Synergy Dance Academy powerful online options that make a real difference to parents and easy-to-use tools that reduce the stress that many dance studio activities place on staff.

Kari started out as a student’s mom, but things changed when she learned that her child’s studio was closing. The students would be left high and dry as would the teachers that they loved learning from. But Kari had an idea. She would re-launch the studio, Synergy Dance Academy, with the same teachers at the same location! Her biggest challenge in re-launching the studio was the total absence of technology. Kari would change this immediately because her vision for the studio was to make it easy for parents to do business with them.

JACKRABBIT’S VALUE IS REALIZED | Kari learned about a management system called Jackrabbit from a nearby gymnastics facility that did everything she would need to run her studio. Within three months, Kari had the software and a website in place and was ready to offer parents the only online registration options for dance classes in the area. What a differentiator!  Parents were thrilled. Over and over, Kari heard “that was so easy” when parents registered.

“Jackrabbit gives us a distinct advantage over the other studios in our area. Registration is so easy that parents of some of our teen students encourage their teens to do their own registrations so they can fit the classes they want into their busy schedules. The parents can then go into the portal, review the information and pay. It fits into their lifestyles and makes doing business with our studio easy.” 

With many students averaging 15 routines and 15 costumes each, the data volume for costumes is massive. Collected data is maintained season to season so that the entire costuming process less stressful. Notes can be kept that provide specific fit and brand preferences for future reference.

Recital management immediately exposes and helps to resolve conflicts such as music gaps, performance overlaps and lack of costuming time. Last minute changes are simple to make – even if students or numbers have to be removed and replaced.

“Jackrabbit makes our office manager do her happy dance. Whether it’s costume management’s data collection and organization, the ease of discounting and invoicing or the conflict resolution in recital management, Jackrabbit makes her happy by relieving stress from many of the studio’s important tasks.” 

In managing studio financials, Kari’s office manager finds that Jackrabbit makes things easy: discounting, invoicing and even changes to accounts. And the software is good about making sure changes are always saved.

“We LOVE everything Jackrabbit has. We wouldn’t switch for the world!” 

ORGANIZATION DETAILS | 1 location, 210 students, 21 instructors, Kari Fisher, Owner

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