Top 7 Customizable Jackrabbit Dance Features

As a dance studio owner, you spend a lot of time making sure you are offering the right classes, marketing to new families, retaining current families, planning for the next performance, ordering costumes – the list goes on. Having a dance studio management software that you can rely on and customize to fit your needs and expectations is non-negotiable. That’s where Jackrabbit Dance comes in.

7 customizable Jackrabbit Dance features

We know there are no two dance studios that are exactly the same. With that in mind, our product and engineering teams have ensured that Jackrabbit’s features can be customized from studio to studio. This allows you the flexibility to run your studio in a way that works best for you, your staff, and your customers.

Recently, we polled Jackrabbit Dance clients to find out what customizable features they simply couldn’t live without. While they are many more, here are the top 7 fan-favorite customizable features:

Tuition and billing

Just like no two dance studios are the same, no two dance studios have the same tuition and billing structure. Jackrabbit Dance gives you all the options you need to ensure that your tuition billing is both accurate and as automated as possible!

Do you offer multi-class or multi-student discounts? Check.
Do you prorate tuition if a student joins after the beginning of the month? Check.
Do you charge tuition by class or total hours? Check, check.
Do you want to exclude some classes from posting a registration fee? Check.
Do you want to schedule tuition (aka set it and forget it)? Check!

The Jackrabbit team is currently beta testing the option to schedule your payment processing for tuition each month. Once this feature is released, your entire tuition billing process can be automated from start to finish. Cue the happy dance!

Online integration

In a world where immediate gratification is expected, having your classes from within Jackrabbit integrated on your website for online registration is necessary. With a team of integration specialists, we make it easy to show your entire class schedule with what we call ‘class listings tables’ to ensure any updates you make to your classes are also reflected on your website in real-time.

Parents can easily find the class that works best for them and their dancers and register right from your website! A great first impression and a simple first experience are a win-win for everyone!

“Class listings was life-changing and has made our website and quick schedule changes so great for our families and us (plus connecting to the app).” -Carolyn Simpson Wells, Owner

Recital planning

Recital planning doesn’t have to be stressful. Read that again.

Having the right tools to use for recital planning can bring back the joy of performances and make your next recital season a breeze. I am sure you’re wondering ‘how is this possible?’ Here are a few of my favorite recital module features:

  • Drag and drop performances to create your show lineup
  • Uncheck any dancers who are not performing in the routine
  • Enter conflict gap to help ensure dancers have enough time to change costumes between routines
  • Export your final lineup to Microsoft Word to create your program book
  • Use reports to create backstage, lighting, and music cues
  • Print check-in and check-out sheets for the day of

No matter how many recitals you have, these features are available for you to customize each show. Want to learn more about these features and how they can help you plan your next show? (—>Watch our latest webinar that highlights the recital module)

Communication channels

Communicating with parents and staff is a daily task. In order for your communication efforts to be well-received, you need to message the right people with the right information at the right time. That’s why Jackrabbit Dance gives you so many options to customize your message, your audience, and the channel you use.

Whether you are messaging one family, all the families in your current session, or a group of instructors, with Jackrabbit Dance you can send:

  • Emails
  • Text messages
  • Parent Portal login messages
  • Push notifications with Jackrabbit Plus

(—>Learn more about connecting with parents using Jackrabbit)

Staff Portal

The Staff Portal was created with you and your staff in mind – it’s a safe way to give your staff access to the tools they need to do their job and do it well. The best part is, you can completely customize the portal to display the information and features you want your teachers to have in the palm of their hand, literally.

From attendance tracking to skill progression and lesson plans, the Staff Portal helps your teachers manage their classes efficiently and easily. But, there’s plenty of benefit for you too! As a communication tool, a time clock, schedule reference, and more – the Staff Portal is full of ways to help you manage your staff.

Skills and levels

Skills and levels are, in my opinion, one of the most customizable features in Jackrabbit Dance to date. There are so many ways you can use this feature, no matter what type of curriculum or program you have – the opportunities are actually endless.

Some of the ways we’ve seen our clients use this feature with great success at their dance studio are:

  • Celebrating achievements with students and parents
  • Tracking milestone skills to achieve the next level (i.e., going from Ballet I to Ballet II)
  • Communicating recommended classes for the upcoming registration season
  • Sharing choreography videos for competitive or recital routines

There’s no right or wrong way to set up skills and levels so think outside of the box and customize this feature to best fit your dance studio’s needs.


Whether you want to sell logo apparel for the holidays or keep dance shoes and tights in stock year-round, having a built-in point-of-sale system that allows you to customize and track your inventory is everything and more! Complete with sales reports, sales tax information, and a real-time update of inventory on hand, you can instantly get a pulse on your store items and sales within a few clicks.

Ready to start customizing features for your dance studio? There’s no better time to get started with Jackrabbit Dance than today!

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