Elevating Dance Instruction: The Importance of Ongoing Professional Development

Dance is an ever-evolving art form and as a dance teacher, it’s important to encourage your students to always push their learning boundaries and try to improve their technique and form. In the process of pushing your students to keep progressing though, sometimes you can forget about another dancer who also has to strive for similar goals, yourself! 

To be the best educator possible to the next generation of dancers, it’s important as a dance teacher to continue your own professional development. In turn, your students receive a stronger dance education, and you are able to stay at the top of your game. It benefits everyone involved! Not convinced you need any ongoing professional development? Read on as we cover the definition and benefits in detail!

What exactly is “professional development”?

In this context, the professional development of dance teachers refers to the ongoing process of developing and enhancing overall competency, skills, knowledge, and proficiency in the field of dance but also in teaching as well. 

As mentioned above, dance styles evolve over time. It’s essential to keep pushing your learning boundaries to keep up and evolve with it. This extends beyond dance itself and reaches into the education side of the industry too. You may be surprised to find that many of the teaching styles, methods and techniques that you encountered as a student have changed since you last checked. You have to stay on top of these changes to continue to provide an amazing dance education to your students and keep them enrolled in your classes for years to come.

Not sure where to start with your professional development? You have plenty of options to choose from! Explore various forms of learning like workshops, online courses, conferences and even mentorships.

Understanding the Importance of Professional Development for Dance Teachers

Simply put, professional development for dance teachers is important because it boosts the quality of education your students receive. Furthering yourself professionally provides you with the tools you need to meet the diverse and, at times, challenging needs of your students. Professional development can also help you cultivate a sense of motivation and achievement, which can be transformative for your students. When a dance teacher continues to grow, the whole dance community benefits.

Staying Current With Methods, Techniques, and Trends

The world of dance is vast, vibrant, and styles are always changing. Staying current with the latest dance methods, techniques, and trends is a vital part of professional development. By acquainting yourself with the newest movements in the dance world, you can not only offer your students a diversified dance experience but also facilitate an environment that is exciting and engaging. This isn’t to say you should throw everything you currently know about dance out the window though. Many elements of dance have, and will continue to stand the test of time but making sure you can also cater to dancers who are looking for more modern styles is important. It’s all about maintaining currency in the field and appreciating current trends to make classes enjoyable.

Improving Teaching Skills

Just as important as the newest trends and techniques, keeping up with the latest teaching methods can greatly benefit you as a teacher! Improving your communication skills, adopting new teaching strategies, understanding the physical and emotional needs of students, learning more about diversity and inclusion, and managing classroom dynamics, are all important areas to explore and focus on. Teaching dance is not a one-size-fits-all profession. Each student is unique, and as a dance teacher, adapting and customizing teaching approaches is vital to ensuring a positive learning experience for every dancer who comes through your doors.

Networking and Growing Your Community

The beauty of professional development is that it not only sharpens your dance and teaching skills but also provides an invaluable opportunity to network with other dance professionals and expand your community. Attending workshops, conferences, and other professional events allows dance teachers to meet, connect, and collaborate to share their experience, knowledge and passion. They not only provide inspiration and ideas for attendees aiming for professional growth but it also paves the way for possible partnerships, collaborations, and opportunities for business expansion in the future. 

There are so many opportunities to attend conferences each that at least one will fit with your schedule too! Conferences like Studio Owners University, Dance Life Teacher Conference, Dance Teacher Web, and Energize are always a great time for members of the dance industry and provide an amazing chance to grow your community bigger and stronger. You can even come by our booth at these events to learn more about Jackrabbit Dance and say hello! 


When you engage in professional development as a dance teacher, you’re truly doing something that benefits dance as a whole. Yes, you walk away with a set of sharpened skills and new friends in the industry but as a result of your work, you help set higher standards for dance education everywhere and provide your students with the best lessons they can learn from you! So go out there, learn something new and make the dance world a better place than before!

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