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How To Teach Good Posture For Dancing

Your dance posture is vital if you are going to be able to execute dance steps and moves correctly – no matter what style of dance you learn.

If you start off in a poor position, stooped, slouched or twisted in any way, your chance of injury skyrockets, and you don’t look so hot, either.

So, if you want to look more like a true dancer and less like Quasimodo, get your dance posture right before you start.

Everything else will fall into place if you begin from the right stance.

Try the five minute posture exercise on the video below, taken from our unique Modern Dance Workout, and you’ll be all set.

And you know what? Do yourself a favor and get this right.

This is a time to be quiet and still.

To really think about your body and the way you stand and move.

So, switch off your phone, find a calm quiet spot in your mind, block out the stresses of the day.

And just do this exercise peacefully and thoughtfully…

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