Why the size of your dance class is so important

Why the Size of Dance Classes is so Important?

The size of a dance class is an important factor to consider when creating class schedules and teaching classes at your dance studio. The size of a class affects everything from the learning environment and experiences of both students and teachers, to increasing tuition revenue and a little bit of everything in between. This article primarily focuses on why the size of dance classes is so important to your bottom line. 

How is class size determined for dance studios? 

When choosing the appropriate student size for a dance class, it is important to consider the overall experience a student will have. Think about Goldilocks. You want the student-to-instructor ratio to be just right so that dancers remain engaged and can actually learn new skills from week to week. Dance studios should also consider their breakpoint when determining the size of classes. 

What is a breakpoint and why is it important for my studio? 

Breakpoint, with respect to class sizes, is a common term in the childcare industry. In child care centers, there are strict student-to-teacher ratios by age that must be met according to state. While maintaining ratios is important by law, it’s also important financially speaking too. Here’s why. 

Let’s say your ratio is eight students to one teacher. When the class reaches eight students or dancers in your case, you have maximized your income potential for the length of time you’re paying the teacher. In other words, you’ve met your breakpoint. 

Now onto why you should be setting class sizes based on your breakpoint. 

If setting the size of your dance class is eight students, as in the example above, enrolling nine dancers hurts your profitability because you’ll be over your breakpoint. You’ll need to schedule and pay another teacher for a class for that one additional dancer – ouch! 

How should class size breakpoints and enrollment work together

Does your dance studio have a rolling enrollment philosophy? If so, lean in. 

An always-enrolling strategy will help increase the overall student count at your dance studio, which is great! A large student base lends itself to increased tuition revenue after all. But there’s a catch. If your dance studio is running classes with below-breakpoint student sizes, it’s likely your bottom line isn’t reflecting the same growth as your overall student count. 

How can you continue to enroll students and grow your dance studio while keeping your breakpoint in mind? Simple. Utilize a studio management software that allows customers to enroll in classes with waitlists. 

In the example of the eight-student breakpoint above, cap your dance class at eight students. Then let your waitlist for the same class build up until it reaches five or six students before opening it up and paying a teacher. This waitlist strategy significantly reduces your risk of a low student-to-teacher ratio. 

How to set the breakpoint for class sizes at your dance studio

It should be fairly simple to determine the breakpoint for class sizes at your dance studio. If you have certain state regulations, go with that number. If your class sizes aren’t regulated by the state, think about the class size that is best suited for dancers based on their age, then stick with that number as your breakpoint. 

Here are some questions to help you determine the ideal size of your classes: 

  • How much space do you have in each studio and how much space does each student take up? 
  • How much attention do students need from a teacher in each type of class setting? 
  • What is your historic student enrollment size for classes? 
  • Have students, parents, or teachers ever complained about the size of classes? 
  • Do any safety issues come along with larger class sizes? 

Understanding and setting class sizes according to your studio’s breakpoint is essential to a successful dance studio. It prevents you from working harder to serve more students while making less in profits. 

Discover how dance studio management software can help manage class sizes set to your breakpoint. Schedule a Jackrabbit Dance product demo to see how you can easily get started enrolling students in classes and managing waitlists. Get a demo!

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