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There are lots of things that you expect to see dance class students wearing but babies probably aren’t one of them. But there is a new type of dance class that Dance Studio Life reported on in its July issue that is an exercise perfect for new mothers. And it works really well for those who don’t have babysitting help.

This is apparently a good thing for mommy and baby. Mom gets gentle and safe exercise. Baby enjoys the music and movement reminiscent of the swaying they felt in the womb.

This is the brainchild of Morgan Castner. Although really, she says that it was born more out of necessity since she had small children and was looking for fun things that they could do together while her husband was away serving in the military. Since Morgan is a dancer and she loved babywearing, it just came naturally to include her children in ballet classes in some way.

Morgan posted a video’s video on Facebook and was amazed by the attention it got her. She now teaches a class – while wearing her 9 week old daughter – and says her focus is on bonding between mother and child.

I wonder if the babies pick up movement and will progress more quickly with ballet skills after being in Babywearing classes with their mommies? Hmmmm. Interesting.

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