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[guide] Jackrabbit’s New Simplified Menu

In late 2020, Jackrabbit released a sleeker and smarter version of its user interface, including a simplified menu. Over the past three months, our Product and Development teams have been working with clients to perfect the layout of this menu so that clients have the best user experience possible every time they log-in to Jackrabbit to manage their businesses.

If you were one of those clients who gave us feedback–thank you! Because of you, we have been able to mold the Jackrabbit application into the best version of itself. We’re confident that with this new menu, you and other dance studio owners will continue to be able to grow their business as a member of the Jackrabbit family.

What updates have been made to Jackrabbit’s simplified menu?

We all know that good things take time. That is why we’ve been working for the past six months to get the modifications to the new menu right. That way, you can continue to streamline tasks and work as simply as possible when you’re in the Jackrabbit application.

So what is new and what’s staying the same?

In addition to the highlights above, the Jackrabbit Help Center has an entire resource center dedicated to helping you master the new user experience, as well as changes to the simplified menu.

Do yourself a favor and bookmark the menu map to revisit until the layout is part of your muscle memory.

Will I have access to Jackrabbit’s classic menu?

Yes and no. Here’s a look at the timeline of where we are in the menu transition.


Jackrabbit will begin phasing out the classic menu on May 27, 2021 in order to retire the legacy menu entirely by the end of June 2021.

If you didn’t transition to Jackrabbit’s new menu late last year, we encourage you to do so now! By working with our Support team to adopt these features now, you’ll be able to confidently move through the new menu and pages confidently before you begin enrolling students and families this fall.

Schedule a new menu call with Jackrabbit Support today!

What other updates have been made to the Jackrabbit application?

Did you know that Jackrabbit’s Product team publishes an annual roadmap of enhancements and new products that will be released throughout the year? While their focus has been on fine tuning the simplified menu, there have been some pretty awesome features that have hit the application recently that we think you should know about.

To help bring light to some of these enhancements that you may not be used to using-Jackrabbit’s very own Training Specialist, Marie, whipped up five short videos for you and your staff. We may be a little biased, but we think they’re magical!

Mass Actions

A quick and easy way to do more in less time.

Use mass actions in the Jackrabbit Smart Grids to identify the exact grouping of information you’re after, update multiple records at one time, or email a group of families with less clicks than ever before.


Take sorting to the next level and group like data together!

Jackrabbit’s Smart Grids help you see things more clearly with the ability to group data together based on your grid columns. Just drag and drop a column header into the grouping bar to get exactly the information you need, when you need it. *Bonus* Refine your search even further by clicking on each column header to re-sort.

Selecting and deselecting filters

With interactive data visuals, it’s easy to narrow or widen your results with just a click!

Data visuals

View your data in pie charts and bar graphs for a quick visual of important information.

Selecting favorite and default views

Customize your default view and quickly access your favorite searches in a flash!

Where can I go to learn more about Jackrabbit enhancements and the simplified menu?

When it comes to helping you discover what’s new with your Jackrabbit subscription, there’s no lack of resources available. From webinars and blogs, to the Help Center and video training – there’s a learning resource for everyone.

As you begin to discover the benefits associated with the most recent changes to the simplified menu, your best resource will be Jackrabbit’s Help Center.

Bookmark this Help Center page to revisit anytime you have questions regarding the New Menu

If you’ve got the simplified menu changes down pat, that’s great! To keep a pulse on enhancements as they are released, the Jackrabbit blog is a great place to draw inspiration on the ways each of these new features can help you grow your business.

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