Jackrabbit’s 2016 Enhancement Roadmap

Wondering what’s brewing in the code at Jackrabbit? Our Development team has some exciting things coming down the pipeline this year. We’re excited to roll out these enhancements and new features that we’ve gotten so many great ideas about from our customers. So, thank you for your input and your patience while we work!

Time Clock
Mobile App for Parents
Staff Portal

For a little background on our Development team – we have 7 full time Senior Developers writing the code for Jackrabbit. Then, we have 6 other folks – Project Managers, Product Analysts, and QA Analysts.  This team cranks out over 100 enhancements per year..not including the behind the scenes work. If you’ve ever wondered why it takes longer than we expect for some features to roll out, get to know our QA Team and what they do. This team does an excellent job at testing the software and making sure it’s functioning properly before it gets to you. This process is impossible to put a time frame or estimate on, which can shift our timeline for releasing certain things.

Are you using these powerful features?

Time Clock
We have a time clock that is completely free for you to use. You can use this as little or as much as you want. This feature can capture the time your employees worked three different ways: clock in and clock out, manually enter the time in and out, or just enter the total number of hours worked for the day. This feature will calculate the amount you owe each employee for the pay period based on their specific rate. From there, you have the option to export the information to our payroll partner, Express Payroll, or download a file to import into your QuickBooks account.

“Jackrabbit’s Time Clock feature gives me the time reporting tool I’ve desperately been searching for the past few years. The best part is that it is a value add to an already essential business tool (Jackrabbit Class). I’ve compared time reporting software in which the cost is calculated per employee and cost hundreds per month for an organization my size. (Jackrabbit allows for unlimited employees, with no extra charges) This increases the value of my relationship with Jackrabbit software.” – Kyle Grussmeyer, All Star Legacy

Mobile App for Parents
Jackrabbit has a new partnership with Mobile Inventor – a customized app for your business that integrates with Jackrabbit. This is adds a lot of value for your customers to be able to conveniently connect with your business.  Your app will integrate with Jackrabbit’s web registration, Parent Portal, class listings and event calendar.

Jackrabbit Special Pricing – No setup fee, starts $25/month for the Basic Version.

“Mobile Inventor could have easily said that we would have to scrap the existing app and develop a new one. It would have been much easier for them – and probably more profitable. But they aggressively pursued the avenue that would be in MY best interest.” –J Orkowski, Gymfinity

Staff Portal 
Taking attendance will be easier, quicker, and mobile-friendly. The Time Clock is being renamed the Staff Portal. What this means is the staff will login to the staff portal where they can enter their time worked and take student attendance. Here, they can record their hours worked, see announcements, and take attendance. Get a sneak peek here.

[Staff members can have a login to the Staff Portal, but not have access to anything in Jackrabbit if you prefer. If you haven’t set up the Time Clock, see more information here.]

We are enhancing this feature so that entering and managing skills is faster and easier. This smart feature will assign skills to students in a class, know which class the instructor is entering skills in, and will show only appropriate skills for that class, or make it easy for the instructor to see a student’s skill history.  Following this, we will add the ability to store a link to a skill video so the instructor can use it to help teach a skill, or a student or parent can review the skill video at home from the parent portal, or an email from the instructor on what to work on.  In addition to making skills tracking smarter and easier, we’ll also make communicating progress to parents easier too!  Instructors will be able to email/text updates on a student’s progress and generate a skill history/progress report.  This is another powerful feature from Jackrabbit to make life easier for you and help you demonstrate to your parents more value from your classes!

Questions? Email us at marketing@jackrabbittech.com!

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