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Life is always about how you look at things, right? Well, competition is certainly one of those things that are depended on your attitude. Here are some easy ways to think about your local competition with a positive outlook.

1. Better your own best – Each year, make your dance studio even better than it was the year before. Don’t let the competition get ahead of you. Think of something new to do, how can your studio improve?

2. Competition is good – Having competition means that there is a demand for dancers in your area. With demands means more opportunities for your business to grow. Your competitors may be successful, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be too. There are plenty of dancers to go around.

3. Rock your own world – Do something that makes you even say ‘wow.’ Get your spirits up by improving and doing something greater than you even thought possible.

4. Look outside your industry for inspiration – Check out what local swim schools, gymnastics academies, music schools, etc. are doing to see how they run their business. Look at other dance schools outside of your industry for tips.

5. Positive energy is vital – Funnel all of your energy to your business. Comparing yourself to what they are doing can slow you down, make you feel like you should be doing something they are doing, and can put bad energy into your business. Turn it around to motivation.

What do you do to take on your local competition?

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