Benefits of Management Software for Monitoring Multi-Location Businesses

Growth may look different for every dance studio but no matter how you’ve defined success for your business, having the right tools to scale the growth of your studio is non-negotiable. Whether the goal is to hit a certain number of students for the first time, expand from one location to two, or start a franchise, pen and paper isn’t manageable without taking over all hours of the day, exposing you and your customers to human error, and less than ideal manual processes.

That’s why it’s important to find studio management software that grows with you, especially when you’re running more than one location simultaneously. Management software for monitoring multi-location businesses and franchises allows you to efficiently and effectively observe all locations with ease so you can continue to focus on the long-term vision of the brand you’ve created. After all, that’s how you got here, right? 

Running a franchise dance studio brings many great things along with it – stability, expansion opportunities, and resources. On the flip side, being in charge of multiple locations can also take a lot of time (which is already limited) if effective management software isn’t part of the business plan.

5 Benefits of Franchise Management Software

Let’s look at some of the top benefits of having software to monitor multi-location businesses, such as franchises, for studio owners. 

Consistency in operations

Part of running any business with multiple locations is creating consistency in all areas. For a dance studio, building a universal curriculum, standardizing daily, weekly, and monthly processes for office admin, and being aligned with your mission, vision, and core values will go a long way. 

Consistency in the operations of the studio, such as those mentioned, will highlight your experience while demonstrating confidence and reliability to your staff and dance families – all great qualities for finding new students and retaining those already in your program. 

Customizable reporting and analysis

Data, metrics, and key performance indicators – all ideal for any business owner. However, as an owner of multiple studios, you need to be able to see reports in various ways over different time periods. 

Franchise management software allows you to customize reports so you can analyze data, such as which:

  • Location had the highest number of new students in peak season?
  • Month of the year generated the most merchandise sales?
  • Program across all locations performed the best during last season?
  • Term has the highest enrollment throughout the year?
  • Location had the highest churn rate last year?

Being able to slice and dice the data and information within your management software is a must to ensure that operations are efficient and marketing efforts are effective.

As management software for any size business, Jackrabbit Dance recently released our Business Intelligence Dashboard for mulit-location, franchise, and enterprise dance studios. With this visual reporting tool, owners can easily keep up with the entire business in one place and make decisions based on real-life data.

—> Learn more about the Business Intelligence Dashboard here

Increased accountability 

With the ability to report and track important key performance indicators (or KPIs) for all of your locations collectively and individually, you have direct insight into possible areas of opportunity for not only your business but also your staff members. 

If you see that one location has a much higher churn rate than the others, it may be time to assess your staff. Is there a particular teacher with a lower retention rate? Does your office staff need more customer service training? Are managers effectively using the space for scheduling classes and private lessons? Being able to analyze the data and communicate expectations will help you hold your staff accountable to the standards you’ve put in place. 

Managing costs

When using software that is meant for franchises and multi-location dance studios, you’re essentially reducing costs. With online registration, parent experience, and in-depth reporting all in one platform, you eliminate the need to subscribe to multiple tools to keep operations running. Not to mention, the time saved alone is priceless.

When you partner with Jackrabbit Dance to manage your multi-location dance studio, you get every feature included at one price. It’s that simple!

—> See more details about our subscription pricing here.

Scalability and growth

Whether you are looking to grow one location’s student count or continue expanding your business with more franchise studios, the only way to scale operations of this size is with reliable studio management software. 

Growing a business and being able to successfully scale the quality along with it requires everything we’ve already mentioned as well – consistency in operations, customizable reporting and analysis, increased accountability, and managing costs.

Wondering what other features Jackrabbit Dance has available to help you manage and monitor your multi-location business or franchise? 

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