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Mass Email: Convenience Counts

When you want to communicate with your contacts, you don’t want to have to plan an afternoon (or more) so you can tediously send individual email after individual email to get the right information out to the right people. You want to get it done right away! This is definitely an area for you where convenience counts and what could be more convenient than quickly modifying an awesome looking template, selecting a group for delivery and hitting send?

Jackrabbit’s mass email feature enables you to communicate effectively, efficiently and professionally.

What can you do with it?

  • Send to all/ to groups-classes
  • Send many as if you’re sending one
  • Use professionally created, appealing/attractive messages
  • Add any files as attachments – easily
  • Save your own creations as new templates
  • Select specific targets within groups by de-selecting all and then re-selecting only those you want to email

It benefits you by allowing you to:

  • Raise professionalism
  • Improve communications/connectivity with families and employees
  • Save time previously consumed sending individual emails
  • Make your email wording more consistent
  • Make your branding more visible
  • Broadcast critical news quickly across your contacts
  • Put email best practices in place more easily
  • Provide complete information en masse without hassles and added costs

Mass email is an important tool for you because it gives you a powerful way to reach out to customers quickly and easily.  You have choices for what groups within your contacts you can target with emails that you can personalize to those specific people.  And you can do this in a snap – just as if it were a single email. So you’re able to get professionally formatted and delivered information to the right people at the right times.

We’ve built amazing templates into our mass email feature so you can make your emails appealing from the get-go – without web development or graphics help. You can also attach files of any type to your emails using our DropBox Attachment option. This option doesn’t monkey with your email deliverability as do “traditional” attachments and they don’t fill up your contacts’ Inbox space unnecessarily.

Mass Email in Jackrabbit: It’s easy. It’s efficient. It’s professional.

And yes – it’s convenient!

Learn more about using Jackrabbit’s mass email feature here. In the Help Center navigate: Help Center>How To Guide>Emailing in Jackrabbit>Send an Email


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